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I have a testimony and I wanted to add it in a discussion form so that others could respond with their own testimonies and comments.

About 9 years ago, I asked God what His purpose was for my life. At the time I was pursuing a first degree in Business Administration and at the end of it I realized that going into business wasn't really what I wanted to do. I felt confused because I didn't know what to do with my life. When I asked God the question, He told me that I should be a Guidance Counselor. I decided to do the degree in Counseling at the same university and finally finished some years later. A few months ago, I started to worry that I wouldn't actually become a Counselor as God had said many years ago and I think (I'm not sure) I began to feel a little discouraged. I was looking for work and decided the month before the deadline for admissions that I would apply to my University to pursue the Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. I had to do a graduate assistantship (you work full-time for the department and they pay your fees) because I didn't have the first cent to pay for a graduate degree. I applied and was accepted. God be praised! Two days ago, my department chair told me that the department wanted to hire two graduate assistants, but the college put a stop on hiring GAs. So there were two positions for two people. The college decided to allow the department to hire only one, and that one was me. How great is our God. I am at a loss for words because I know I don't deserve His goodness. He is more than wonderful. He is ever faithful. I wanted this position so badly because I really needed the counseling experience. I prayed and God came through for me. Oh how He loves me.

If you are waiting for an answer to your prayers, just keep holding on while doing His perfect will. He hears you and He will deliver. Just trust Him and praise Him and work for Him. He is faithful.

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That is wonderful dear sister. Praise the Lord. I too am praying for something specific to happen but them realise that my thoughts are not God's thoughts. So no I just praise Him and leave everything to Him. May His will be done .Please remember me and my family in your prayers. Bye God bless. Alwyn Mark.
Will definitely be praying for you. Sometimes we do have to wait, but, in the meantime we must take the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus, and build our faith in Him. More than anything else He wants us to have His character, so during this period of waiting, ask Him to make you and the members of your family to be more and more like Him each day


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