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I work in an office, and my mom works with me. She is a gossiper. She 'vents on me' frequently. I just listen. I try not to get involved. Now we have a new office assistant who is 37 times worse. she delibertly starts gossip and tries to dig up stories. I am uncomfortable hearing these remarks about others, but I don't want to be rude to my co-workers. Since my mom is involved its more delicate. She is aware of my feelings but its not helping.

Please give me some advice on how to handle hen talk.

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You can stop it dead in it's tracks, by talking positive about the person who is being gossiped about.

For instance, someone starts complaining about someone's nagging. You can answer back with a positive statement,
like, say, " I really admire how she stays so organized." (example). Everyone has positive things about them. choose to share and dwell on these. the gossiper will tire of you quickly and move on to find another gossiper.

That's a very good solution and it works. I used it once, it worked for me.
thanks Kim Shay
Excellent answer. It does work everytime. Maybe that way, the gossipers will be influenced to stop and think about positive things to say and verbalize them.
Yes I experienced that in the workforce and spoken positively on someone being gossiped about ..Yes the gossiper does tire of one but focused on me then and gossiped everywhere concerning false accusations against me...but I guess at least she left the other one alone.:)
Thank you for responding. I do this often. It works for my mom. She tends to say, "im not going to make it to heaven" it reallys feels akward.
"She tends to say, "im not going to make it to heaven" it reallys feels akward."

Try not to interfere with the Holy Spirit when she says this. That is something she has to work out.
You don't have to say anything, or you can just tell her you love her. don't make excuses to her.
I have this same problem with my mother. Love to you. :)
Gossip is SO destructive. And it is difficult to deal with. I wish you the best. I appreciate that you have this concern and dedication to combat gossip. It is SO deadly. It must be stopped or it will destroy any group that you are with.
the lady who wrote this poem is a member of our chruch,

Gossip is a virus, it is a disease that
cannot be cured
it has no respect for big or small, rich or poor
it is a very malicious with no love at all
and can damamge any one's character and
don't care
whether its true or false

it has a very sharp tongue that can slash you
drag you around
and its legs are very long strecthing from town to town
at the street corner it can be seen waiting
something new by all means
and when you miss it its on the other side of the
street whiispering the same old story to every one it meets.

Please give you mom to read ok, god bless you have a bless day
Gossip can be very hurtful to people; even damaging to their careers. Sadly, this damage can occur whether the gossip is factual or not. Even worse, it can last a lifetime.

Another way to stem gossip is to talk to your Boss about it, so that he/she can confront the gossiper directly. More aggressive in its approach, here is where you can make it clear that the gossip has to stop. You can create a company policy on how gossip will be dealt with, and lay it on the line (it is entirely reasonable and legal to create a policy on gossip).

Pray for your co-workers too. I believe prayer is the greatest weapon and let them know that you are praying for them on that particular problem.


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