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AS what Judas had done, can he be saved?

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It falls within the remit of Divinity to decide the ultimate salvation any human being.  However, if desire to explore Judas' salvivic fate, we do not have any evidence to support the claim that he is saved. Salvation is dependent on accepting the Grace the the atoning sacrifice of Jesus provides by faith, whether before or after the Cross.  Judas surrendered Jesus for thirty pieces of silver to those who sought Him so that he could be crucified.  Peter also denied him during those trying moments.  However, while Peter went out and wept bitterly and repented as the biblical record accounts, the Bible says that Judas went out and hanged himself.  We have no record of him repenting, though we don't know what went on in his heart. Suicide is an indication of deep-seated depression and I am sure God takes our emotional states into account and He is always looking beyond our faults and seeing our needs.  However, we do not have any evidence to prove that Judas reconciled his ways.  He had long cherished jealousy and love of money in his heart, though Jesus had warned him of his ways.  Well, seeing that God's ways are past finding out and his Grace knows no bounds, and since heaven will be full of surprises, lets not rule him out. Lets wait and see what the Grace and Glory of God will reveal.


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