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Comment by Mohini on December 23, 2008 at 4:32am
How can I say thanks for all the things YOU'VE done for me,
Things so underseved, yet YOU gave to prove YOUR love to me
The voices of a million angels cannot express my gratitude,
All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it all to YOU.

To GOD be the glory, to GOD be the glory,
To GOD be the glory for the things, HE has done
With HIS blood HE has saved me, with HIS powe HE has raised me,
To GOD be the glory for the things HE has done.

For the past few years I have lost some family members through death.
This year June, I've lost my little sister.
And in March also, my second son had Shingles (gordelroos) in his left eye. For 1 month he was unable to attend school, because it was very contagious. As a mother the LORD gave me the LOVE, faith, protection, kindness and patience to prayerfully and humbly administer to my sick child. And no one else in the family got sick. Praise GOD,

Oh our GOD knows everything! Nothing is hidden from HIM. Neither anything tooo big for HIM to handle! Amen.

My son had to see the doctor, (eye specialist) once and sometimes twice a week for that month.
One morning as I was about to leave with him to see the doctor.
My heart was impressed to take a book ( What I like about the Adventists and other denominations by pastor George Vandeman.
I said Lord, I read that book already! My heart was impressed again
take the book. I decided yes I'll take it.

While we were waiting to see the doctor, I opened the book and started to read. How the Holy Spirit works and sometimes millions of people pray for loved ones and they still die. But that doesn't mean they had no faith. The Lord does what's best for us!!!!!
Paul a man of God asked the Lord to remove the thorns in his flesh. GOD said, My grace is sufficient for you! I kept on reading and I came to a point where it stated that, when we are going through sufferings and pains we neeeeeeeed to put the situation in GOD"S HANDS and say, NOT MY WIIL BUT THY WILL BE DONE...........

My beloved, when I read those words, it was like the words came alive and faith took hold of my heart! I said LORD WHATEVER IS YOUR WILL FOR THIS SON YOU LEND TO ME, LET IT BE,

The LORD was in control of the whole situation, as we entered the doctor's room we greeted each other, and I continued reading.
She checked his eyes through the machine, and said you cannot see!!!!! Mrs your son can't see. I sat quietly praising and thanking GOD
in my heart. For impressing my mind to take the book and read it! Amen.
I said LORD if YOU didn't strengthen me today, I would have go on like a crazy woman. Because it's not easy for a parent to hear that your child cannot see. OH THANK YOU JESUS FOR BEING SO GOOOOD TO US. HALLEULIAHHHHHH.

The following Sabbath morning, was impressed to talk about GOD'S
GOODNESS when I go to Church.
I had to make some announcements, for the Children's & WM's Departments.
I told the bretheren that my son had shingles (gordelroos) and could not see for almost 1 week! BUT GOD IS GOOD AND WORTHY TO BE PRAISE!!! LET'S CONTINUE TO TRUST HIM, BECAUSE HE IS ABLE, NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR HIM TO HANDLE! HE IS GOD AND THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM!!! HALLEULIAH. Let's continue to pray
for my boy, and whatever is the LORD'S will let it be! Amen

Bretheren, it was not me that spoke those strong and powerful words!
It was CHRIST within me, HE encouraged the whole congregation and woooowwwww they were strengthened. Thank GOD!!

Glory be to GOD in the highest the next day, Sunday night my son, our son and brother said I can seeeee. Hallleuliahhh,
Thank GOD for all the doctors and medicine they used. But all in all
JESUS is the greatest Physician. My son is doing wonderful in his health, Glory be to God. Passed his class exams and heading by GOD'S grace for the future!!
Glory be to GOD in the Highest, OUR GOD IS ABLEEEEE!!!!

Also thanks be to God for allllll the brothers and sisters that prayed with me on the phone daily, and for us.
I thank GOD for allllll that I"ve gone through these few years, because of them allll, I've learnt to trust in JESUS, and I've learnt to trust in GOD.
Through them allllll, yes through them allllll I've learnt to depend upon HIS WORD.

So my words of encouragement to you my bretheren are no matter,
how rough the road or situation in your lives may seem.
Just invite HIM into the situation and ask for HIS will to be done.
Let HIM take the situation and use it for your good and HIS glory!


Luv, Sis Mohini
Comment by Shansha on December 21, 2008 at 3:04pm
Today i thank the Lord for being my guide and for loving me. for providing me with friends and family and for giving me food on my table, for being my source of strength and for giving me life . I thank God

and i thank margaret for the invitation to this group
Comment by BILL TAPLEY on December 20, 2008 at 10:25pm
I have to tell you. Last week here in eastern Oregon it was cold and snowing, and my son-in-law and I were shoveling snow. And I said to him you wait and see when Sabbath comes we will have sunshine, and Sure enough when I got up this Sabbath morning you could see blue sky and befor the morning was over we had clear skies, and the sun was shining, and against the snow the sky looked a read deep blue. It was Like God put a smile on his sabbath it was still cold, but with the sun shining it just made the day brighter. It was like God was saying you need something to make you feel better and so he gave us a few hours of sunshine. It has clouded up this evening and is snowing again, but for a few hours we had a nice bright day. The Lord does look out for us. I want to add my welcom to all the new members of the group hope to get to know you all better everybody have a good week
Comment by Mohini on December 20, 2008 at 7:03am


Sis. Mohini
Comment by BILL TAPLEY on December 19, 2008 at 9:31pm
Margaret, I know what you mean about having a worm house. I thank God for a nice worm water bed when I crawl into bed at night I also say a little prayer for the people who have to live out on the streets. How cold has it gotten up there in Canada? It is 11 degrees F. here in eastern oregon had snow all day yesterday. got another 4 or 5 inches
Comment by mark dave bermudez simyunn on December 15, 2008 at 1:28am
God bless Us All Brethren!..
Comment by BILL TAPLEY on December 14, 2008 at 6:55am
This time of they year when it it cold outside, 18 degrees F this moring. And when I think of the people who are liviing on the streets. I am thankful for a worm place to stay or being able to get up in the morning and able to take a worm shower, and at night being able to crawl into a worm bed. When you stop to think if al;l the blessing God really is good to us.
Comment by Brenda Parkinson on December 13, 2008 at 12:25am
We have had a miracle in our family these past 3 weeks, my grandson was born 6 weeks early with an unexpected abnormality that is often fatal. He has come through the surgery and is doing so well that he will probably be out of hospital this week, and should have a normal life. Thank God for His healing power, and for praying friends.
Comment by jojo21 on December 11, 2008 at 4:39pm

God Bless to all...
Comment by elaine on December 11, 2008 at 4:29pm
i thank GOD for always there for me in times of my need.....and i thank HIM also for my family...and HE give me my son......

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