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Is there something we lose by being vegans?

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Most or all of the nutrients we need can be found in plant based foods.  Even vitamin B12 I have heard can be produced by the body in the mouth and the gut.   So from a nutritional stand point the answer would be no.  However, the diet should be balanced with a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.


Sometimes the circumstances of ones life can prevent one from maintaining a healthy vegan diet.  Being a part of the majority might be considered a loss.  Whatever diet, just do the best that you can do, never give up, and keep working towards your goals allowing God to lead you.


yes their something we do lose being  vegans and tha tbe simply most of the Diseases tha t plague those tha teat meat on a regular basis.. Yews  even being a vegan can be unhealthy though if u do not eat properly or even too much.  Those tha tdo not have a heavy work load lifting and  such on a ongoing daily part of their activity can eat just 2 meals aday n would be much healthier than just  eating 3 meals..

. I Read how when the   children of ISREAL WERE IN THE     Desert for 40 years  God provided for them  Manna  day and evening only and it had to be a  reason for this too  yes?/  Irecall  being brought back to my memory recently the time  after Elijah   came down from MT  Carmel after  winning a great victory for  God in routing out the  Priests of Baal n their false worship. . Elijah got discouraged n depressed at King  Ahabs wife Jezzebels threat to  have him killed n ran away into the desrt .God had a Angel take care of His Prophet by  profinding food  twice a day also and a cruise of  water too. // 

I not saying it  salvation  issue but  it seems to me we could have a healthier  life if we were to follow this patern or guideline for our life hmm??  If i missed something  or said something out of line  do let me know so I can be corrected ok? 


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