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Snake bites...!!

Symptoms depend on the type of snake, but may include:

Bleeding from wound
Blurred vision
Burning of the skin
Excessive sweating
Fang marks in the skin
Increased thirst
Loss of muscle coordination
Nausea and vomiting
Numbness and tingling
Rapid pulse
Tissue death
Severe pain
Skin discoloration
Swelling at the site of the bite

First Aid:

1. Keep the person calm, reassuring them that bites can be effectively treated in an emergency room. Restrict movement, and keep the affected area below heart level to reduce the flow of venom.

2. If you have a pump suction device (such as that made by Sawyer), follow the manufacturer's directions.

3. Remove any rings or constricting items because the affected area may swell. Create a loose splint to help restrict movement of the area.

4. If the area of the bite begins to swell and change color, the snake was probably poisonous.

5. Monitor the person's vital signs -- temperature, pulse, rate of breathing, and blood pressure -- if possible. If there are signs of shock (such as paleness), lay the person flat, raise the feet about a foot, and cover the person with a blanket.

6. Get medical help right away.

7. Bring in the dead snake only if this can be done safely. Do not waste time hunting for the snake, and do not risk another bite if it is not easy to kill the snake. Be careful of the head when transporting it -- a snake can actually bite for several hours after it's dead (from a reflex).


Do NOT allow the person to become over-exerted. If necessary, carry the person to safety.
Do NOT apply a tourniquet.
Do NOT apply cold compresses to a snake bite.
Do NOT cut into a snake bite with a knife or razor.
Do NOT try to suck out the venom by mouth.
Do NOT give the person stimulants or pain medications unless a doctor tells you to do so.
Do NOT give the person anything by mouth.
Do NOT raise the site of the bite above the level of the person's heart.

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Dear and Well-loved AoL Readers,

There is ANOTHER solution to snake bite, as well as probably EVERY OTHER poison from the insect, sea life, arachnid or reptilian world.  DC electric shock works very nicely.  You can go to the Internet and input, "Electric Shock for Snake Bite" and you will get TWO views on it.  1.  By some American researchers who used the WRONG methodology in researching = DO NOT USE ELECTRIC SHOCK!   2.  By those in South America, particularly in jungle areas who have been using it for probably MORE than 50 years and the PROFESSIONAL MD, RN, PhD researchers there = it WORKS at LEAST as good as anti-venom and usually BETTER!

30,000-100,000 volts used from a some source like motorcycle, gasoline generator, motor boat engine, car engine, etc.  Short applications (stun guns also work, if not TOO strong!), they say 2 sec. on and 10 sec off for a couple minutes.  I have used it for WASP, neurotoxic SCORPION, BEE, and HORNET with EXCELLENT results by "bouncing" the shock onto the victim.  That way, if the contact is not TOO long,  it cuts down on the "SHOCK" effect to the victim.  I have used it on my daughter, my wife, teachers, pastors, other children and the pain and poison effects are almost INSTANTLY counteracted.

Why?  1.  All venoms are proteins.  2.  The passage of DC current through human tissues causes an INTENSE Alkalization of the tissue environment.  3.  This seems to activate enzymes which "unzip" the proteins into separate amino acids, which are then just "cleaned up" by the body!

It has been reported that people who suffer from anaphylactic shock from bee stings have almost INSTANTLY stopped the shock attack by the use of DC current.

I have used the spark plug wire from the distributor to the spark plug of various cars and I have used a 100,000 volt Stun Gun (a Raptor, made in Korea, bought over the Internet in the USA for $12.95) 

I have missionary friends in Laos who used an old US Army handcranked 12voltDC generator with good effect.  It had to be run through a Distributor Coil to intensify the shock.  The natives from many miles around come and bring their snakebite victims for the "magic" of the missionaries.

It seems to be effective up to about 2 hours after the bit, IF it is not a type of snake venom that KILLS you BEFORE that!  The SOONER the BETTER!!

Check the Internet sources and be sure to read the research coming out of South America as well as that of the STUPID American researchers who did a SLOPPY JOB!!

One of our teachers here at Sahmyook University in Seoul, Korea was stung by small HORNETS 22 times!  He used his auto engine spark plug wire and within 5 minutes he had NO PAIN, NO NAUSEA, nor any other symptoms!!

I have to say that I personally have NOT used it on Snakebites of any kind!  BUT, I would not be afraid to!

Am I TELLING you to use it?  NO, I am NOT!  You make up YOUR OWN MIND and use it AT YOUR OWN RISK!  So THERE!

I first came across it when I was 18 in 1965, in the Peruvian Amazon basin on the Ukiali River.  The natives had discovered and were using it for their snakebites.  I STUPIDLY thought it was just a "jungle superstition" until I read about it in the "Field and Stream" magazine about 20 years later.

This is an important info you have shared Bro. Welch. Thanks for sharing.

I aint run into any snakes but it is useful information for bees an those in areas where snakes are common it is good to know alternative methods .


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