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what if we use Adventist online on sabbath?

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If it is only computer pre- programing to run the site it is ok. I do not expect anyone to seat in an office in the Sabbath day to run Adventist on line. That will not be proper to do so.

Why?  Do you think we need rest from the use of the computer?

Greetings Betty,

It all depends on which angle you are looking at thus, we need rest from the use of the computers and no we don't need rest. 


The reason being is that it all depends what we are doing on the computer on the Lord's day. Hence, you might want to ask yourself; 'Is what I'm doing spiritual?', Will God be pleased with the sites on going on, the things I'm reading, the things I'm discussing on line and the things I'm viewing on the computer?' 

If so then you can use your computer and if not the computer should be use.

Nevertheless, if you don't have to use the computer on the sabbath don't use it, especially if you know you will be tempted to go against God's teaching or principles on the Lord's day.

Greetings Kedir Dekebi,

Nothing is wrong if we use Adventist Online on the Sabbath as well as it can be wrong for us.


If we are not dealing with spiritual or Godly, things online then then one is not to use the site on the Sabbath.

The Sabbath is for God we are not speak or do just about anything we wishes to hence, God will not be pleased. 

Thus, when we are using the site we need to ask ourselves the question: 'Will God be lifted up with what I'm doing and saying on line, on His day?'

If not the site should not be use.


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