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why people never satisfy with wat they hv? what are they looking for actually?

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First question: why people never satisfy with wat they hv?
Answer: Because they want more than what they already have.

Second question: what are they looking for actually?
Answer: They are looking for hope. Hope that only God can give. And God always give them hope, through us as His witnesses.
Happy Sabbath to all. Today I have been asked to teach the Sabbath School Lesson in one of our churches in Sydney. Here is some summary of what I am going to present in a nutshell:
Confidence 信任 xinren in Mandarin is written like: man/person + word and man/person + king. It is a simpliefied picture of a man leaning on "words" and a man leaning on a "king" . [Person leaning on a word 信
Person leaning on a king 任 ]
In other words CONFIDENCE (xinren) means a strong believe or trust in the words of a person, and especially a king, because the ancient kings must not break his promise. This is true with the Persian kings, Roman kings and Chinese kings.
How can we have confidence In Jesus? [By leaning or trusting His word, the word of the only King who can never tell a lie.]
John 5:39 (King James Version)
Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.
Just like a child who learn to trust his parents by watching and living with them day by day. So we must learn about Jesus by reading or searching His Words, in the Bible.
Jesus is our Advocate and Judge and King.
The tragedy in the garden of Eden: Eve had confidence in the word of a snake, rather than in the word of her Creator and King.
Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.
1 John 5:21
What is an idol? something you depend upon instead of God. Modern day idols:
1. Possession [Mammon ; Money ; Treasures ; Knowledge]
2. Personal power – self
3. Position
And confidence in the day-to-day battles against sin and suffering is of prime importance. You will not be able to stand the last trials and temptations unless you have developed full confidence in trusting God's words without any shadow of a doubt, just like Jesus. He anchored every action that He took on "It Is Written". Would you like an attitude change? God offers it to those who believe in Jesus.
God bless you have a wonderful and blessed Sabbath!

Sammy Lee
CP: 61415682170


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