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I can't see any time prophecy at all in Leviticus chapter 26.


Could someone show me?



God Bless, Alex.

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Glad to see others intrested in prophesy,

         I do not see any time prophecy here in Leviticus 26. The term being discussed, "seven times" is a clear reference to the amount of plagues God would bring upon His people for their sins. It is conditional and has no reference to time. Every other time prophecy we have in scripture clearly points us to time. Here the term "times" does not refer to the idea of one year as does Daniel 4:16 and 7:25 as examples. These scriptures make clear reference that they stand for time. And, by the way, Daniel 4:16 is an example of time prophecy that is not a day for a year. It is not simbolic time. It is literal time, a year for a year, not a day for a year. I hope we can talk about why and what this might mean for how we interpret all time prophecy.

                 I believe His coming is soon!    Tim


    This may answer your question about Dan. 4.  The time prophecies in chapters  7 and 8 are all couched in symbolic language. Nations are described as beasts with unrealistic atributes, horns have mouths and speak, symbolizing kings. In these symbolic prophecies, it seems that time is also symbolic. This has been proven from the long held interpretation of Daniel 8:14, which is given in ch. 9, which predicts the time of Christs first coming.      In Daniel 4 the language is literal. Nothing about the objects found there are are supernatural or abnormal. The tree grows tall and bears leaves and fruit and feeds animals. It is hewn down and a brass band is put around it, a historical practice.  The time in this prophecy is also literal which is born out in verses 32 and 34. I would like to hear from someone who can explain Dan. 12 based on this herminutic. The prophecies in chapters 10, 11, and 12 are all literal language like ch.4. Though the times in ch. 12 are not given a start date, it would be helpful for people in the time of trouble(ch. 12:1) to understand them.    Hope to hear from you all soon!    Tim


    Where do we see scriptural direction for applying Daniel 4 to the scattering of God's people? Daniel 4 clearly makes a prediction and covers its fulfillment in detail. What biblical study rule do we use to jump to another subject in that way? I'm not following you.

    I have been reading scripture long enough to understand that God is the one who decides what events are important enough to pedict. However, I believe there are other references to the scattering in the Bible. Why do we need to find it in Daniel 4?

     I agree that there are prophetic applications in the feast days. Case in point: Jesus crucified on passover, the fulfillment of it. Holy spirit poured out on Pentecost, fulfillment of it. All springtime feasts fulfilled at first coming. Fall feastdays should be fulfilled at second coming. It only makes sense as God is the one who set the precedent. The timeframes set forth in those types should help guide God's last day people once things are in motion. We don't know what year yet.   Let's keep exploring!  Your friend, Tim 


Hey Alex,

       What are your thoughts on the feast days? Should we be keeping them, or at least the ones that are yet to be fulfilled? How do you think they will play in to the final events?         Tim


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