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Was the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City on 9-11-01 prophesied by Ellen G. White?

Was the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City on 9-11-01 prophesied by Ellen G. White?


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Many people claim that EGWhite prophesied of the twin towers destruction. There are some parts of SOP that come very close to the events on that day. For instance the prophesy titled, "The Last Crisis," in Testimonies 9, page 11. Many of these things sound very close to 9-11, but if you look carefully, much of what she writes is far worse than what we are experiencing today. It seems to me that what people claim to be predictions of 9-11 are a bit of a stretch.

Keep in mind that often in the Word of God there is what many people call, "Prefillments." An example of a "prefillment" was when the first Roman General surrounded Jerusalem and returned to Rome to Quell a rebellion. Then three years later Titus returned and sacked Jerusalem. Now the world economy is on a freefall crash. This is what EGWhite predicts in "The Last Crisis." She also says that the spirit of war enters into the world at that point in time and that many natural and man made disasters would occur. It appears to me that these events are beginning to happen at an increasing rate, and never in world history has there been so many disasters. So whether or not 9-11 was specifically predicted, we know that the end is near. Furthermore, the discussion of Sunday worship has never been a part of secular news media, and that discussion is being promoted at an ever increasing rate by multiple organizations political and religious.

Have you not read Review and Herald JULY 5th. 1906 paragraph 3 ?




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