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There seems to be more conversation about the importance of those harts by William Miller commonly called the 1843 and 1850 Charts.


How important are they?


What did Sister White have to say about their importance?



God Bless, Alex.

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I'm afraid that I don't have the specific references, but in time I will be able to produce them, but to answer you question, here are the importance. First of all, they were produced under the direction of God. Second, they are the Pins and I forget what the other terms E.G.White used to describe them, but she means it in comparison to the the Sanctuary. The pins and the rings are the things that held the Sanctuary together. They are the foundations of Adventism. Christ is the foundation of Adventism, and all prophesy and the Sanctuary message point towards Christ. The things in the two charts are the foundations of Adventism and they are the things that hold the Sanctuary message together. Without them, we are stepping of the foundation which is Christ, and the Sanctuary Message falls apart. I will either provide the Quotes and Scriptures that attest to this, or I will provide videos that demonstrate these facts, unless someone else beats me to it, but in a nutshel, these are the significance of the charts. Furthermore, the Scriptures do speak of the 2520. That is why the 2520 is in both of the charts. The 2520 was originally derived from scripture and not from Ellen Whites writings by William Miller and the guy who did the 1850 as directed by the hand of God according to E.G. White.


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