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What is/are the Lord's instruction(s) to a spouse who is suffering an agony of pain and betrayal by the adulterous act(s) of his/her spouse?


What are some of the promises God has for the (suffering/betrayed) spouse for trusting in Him and following His instruction?


Please coat Scriptures to support your discussion.  

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I too am having the same problem my wife has left me for another man and I know the bible tell us that if we can forgive our wifes/husbands to do so and stay married! Though what do I when my wife keeps leaving me for this other man and then coming back for about a week and then she leave again. This time she has told me that she loves me more like a cousin then a husband how am I to heal form the heart break. I love my wife but I can't keep letting her break my heart but we have a three year old baby girl that I have to think of too. I am lost and don't know what to do I am seeking god help and guidance but seem to be left in darkness on the subject. I feel like a failure as a husband and as a father. I ask myself why can't I make my marriage work I sometime wounder if she ever loved me in the frist place!

Keep on praying my brother. The devil is attacking marrieges.

Painful situation indeed, i suggest you try once more to be more loving and caring see if she can change. buy her presents, create time for her, go out for a walk and tell her how you love. do all you can do before you give up.

Dear friends I am from India. I too had the same problem. Me and my husband loved each other and I got married at the age of 19. We lived a happy life but after 3 years my husband got contact with another girl. I was shocked but that time we had a 15 months old baby boy. So for my baby's future I forgived him. Then we move on to another place but again he continued his relationship with that girl. I struggled lot to get him back. Then we lived happily for 4 years and got another baby boy but again he got a relationship with another woman, she was married living with her husband and two sons. Her husband also supported them for earning money because he don't have any job. This time he left me alone and went. I struggled so much but I can't bring him back. He started to tortured me physically. He used to slap me and shout at me even in the public place. One day I called that lady and talked to her to leave my husband but she told this to my husband. So my husband threaten me that he will kill himself and made me to fall on her feet for scolding her. My life has changed into dark. For everything he used to threaten as if he is going to die. My mother-in law also supporting his evil deeds so I was in Great Depression. On that he threaten me that he is going to hang himself but I didn't believe that so I went and sat outside my house but accidentally his feet slided and his neck crushed in a saree and he died. He lost all his money to that woman. Now she is living happily with her husband and two children and also with our money. I am living alone like an orphan with my two children. Satan knows that he has only less time so he is attacking the families. We must be careful and surrender our family in the feet of our Lord. From my experience i would like to say that whatever happens we should remain calm and pray to God. If we try to solve the problem then our children will surfer. I lost my husband on dec 10 ,2012 when i am 29 yrs old. Now i am 30 yrs old. My sons are 8 yrs old and 3 yrs old. so kindly remember me and my kids in your prayers.

when i read all the comment some of us lucky and some unlucky...

This thing always happen because devil really hates a happy marriage...

All he do was to destroy it with our weakness...

Keep praying and try for second chances...

Forgive them and concentrate with your children...

God Bless all


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