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I need paryer for my marriage, my wife has left me again she is living with a man named bryan and his two friends. She has me so confused! She tella me that she wants me to move to okc and get an Apartment together with her but she doesn't want to until she gets back on her meds. And last night her friend heather told me that she has been telling heather that she says that she wants to be with bryan. I want to move to the city so that I can be with my wife and two baby girls. God has told me through the bible that he will give me the desires of my heart, and I want to believe god but time after time she leaves me again. I feel that satan is attacting my marriage because I see that my wife is confused as well. So I am asking for prayer for me my wife Christina and my two girls maddie and kenna. Please god willing help me in prayer for my family

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I am very sorry to hear about what you are going through in your spiritual life, marriage, and family. I have had marriage problems also since becoming an adventist in 2010. We had problems before but they quadrupled since becoming an adventist. I can see that you love your wife and children very much just by your words and you reaching out to the community here. In this day and age it is very admirable. Satan attacks the marriage and family because it is of God and is instituted by God, and the break up of the family has the world in turmoil now. However, brother God is not the author of confusion, does not condone adultery, or playing games with your spouse's heart and that appears to be what is going on in your marriage. I know that you love your wife but it appears that you are letting your marriage cause you to doubt God, so the devil is using the desire of your heart (your wife and family) to cause your faith to waver. I do not say all of this to speak down on you or to judge you or your marriage. I speak as someone who has and is going through the same thing. Brother, fast and pray, and ask God to show you what to do because He is the only one that knows whats best for all of you. My major concern besides your walk with God is the girls. I see that they are staying in a house with 3 men that you, your wife, nor them even really know. i will be praying that God protects them from these men and that they don't touch or hurt them. i will be praying for you and your wife as well my brother. I will. But dont do anything before fasting, praying, and seeking God for the answer because the devil will hurt you in all this and I dont want that. If you need to talk you can email me at

You are in my prayers,

Your sister in Christ,


So sorry my brother. Because the story is long time, how are you doing now.


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