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This is a two part question: Do you think it is wrong for a christian married couple to look at pornographic videos together? Secondly, are there any benefits to a couple in watching such?

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Pornography should never be used as a tool to undermine what God has put together. Read Matt. 5: 28. I don't think you want to commit adultery and if you need strength read Ps51 and use this as your prayer.
At   first , I  used to think that  it is  ok once  you  are  looking  at  it together  to  enhance  the  relationship.  But  now  I  am against   it ,  because when  you  look  at  porn  ,  you  going to  find ourselves  wanting  to  venture out more.  Like for  example  you  might  want to look  at threesomes  and the  list goes on.  I  personally  feel  that no matter  if  two   virgins get  marry  ,  they  will  know how to  have  a fulfilling   sexual  ralationship.Our  body  that  God  gives  us  is  amazing, just  use your  total  body  together  and will  find  out.


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