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with all the new programmes and new leadership titles being given in the Adventist church are Master Guides become obsolete?

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NEVER..... How can we be obsolete
Just make yourself known and active and you will be used a good resource.
i agree to you, gairy!
I could not go to Wisconsin because I Camporee evangelism youth pastor since I'm young and have that commitment long ago.
thanks for your attention what I regret is that you can not get pins
att. Pr. Carlos Buten
pastor Young
Dominican Rep.
MASTER GUIDE OBSOLETE?  NEVER, NEVER, I've been involved in M G activities since I was invested in 1959, have attended all camps in all levels, have been story teller to juniors, to students in weeks of prayers, there is no IDLE MOMENTS for one who dedicates self to Master Guide participation.  Open the web of the  G C Master Guide files, and one can immediately see a need TO UPGRADE to the latest in AY Pathfinder & Master Guide opportunities.  Yours truly is now 77 years young as a Master Guide.  Am looking forward to Oshkosh 2014.  I missed the last one in 2009 due to death in my family.  GOD PROVIDING US, MY WIFE AND I LOOK FORWARD TO OSHKOSH PATHFINDER WORLD CAMPOREE..


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