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What kind of Songs should we write and listen to as Adventist musician's?

I love music. I love writing songs, poems and I love singing them. When I write a song, I usually write contemporary songs, and Gospel songs. I am really particular in the music I listen to as well, but I try to listen to everything that could give me a positive message. Everysong I listen to, I tend to analyze it, and treat as my own personal sermon. Even in some cases of Gospel Rap, which I listen to by my self, (yes i'm picky with that genre as well) While people are arguing over the type of beat... all I tend to hear is the message. So although its an individual thing, i'm intersted in everyone's opinions.

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Music's only purpose should be for the glory of God and the renewing of the human spirit. I believe that whatever we do it should give glory to God and if it doen't then don't do it.

You know that when some songs are playing within my hearing, immediately a negative energy is pushed off because hears are guided by the word of God and so some things just comes naturally.

The love for music on a whole can be dangerous, you can get so deep in it that u can't see the wrong in listen certain songs. It is good the that u listen to the message but for most persons the music, the beat of rythm hits them first. Got to go I will continue at another time.

God Bless
Music can be defined as an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner. The type of music a musican listen to can also impact the way he/she interpretates and plays it. Personally, I have a conservative approach to music. As a pianist and organist, I listen to a lot classically arranged hymns, Jazzed hymns and one or two contemporary songs. Some folks use the argument that the only thing one should listen in a song is the message; if the message is a good one, well the music is good in general. I would beg to differ. Just as the Bro. said that when he listen to music he analyze it, so do I. It is important as musicians to do that, so we can have a better apprectiation of music.

Christians should listen to songs that both uplift them via the message but also though a mono tune. One should be able to listen to music soulfully and induldge in the message to gain a blessing. Time and time again, we as christian listen to music that kinda have a message that is wrapped with a ponderous beat. That can be liken to a bible been given as a gift wrapped in a gift wrapper with nude women on it. In other words, Music is liken to as the Bible, pure and made by God. The wrapper is liken unto the type of beats and rythms that make up certain music that takes away from the message. Christian music have been peirced with the secular style of composition.

Classical musical is a favourite and I admonish every musician to listen to it. It helps with both interpretaion and style of playing. Another plus for it, is that it simple has very little or no secular vibes to it. Finally, as christian Adventist musicans, we must write musical scores and listen to music that gives glory and honour to God. We can also listen to some secular music that has merrit to them like certain love and other R&B songs. All in all, remember are chrildren of the king and we need act like children of te king in everything we do.
Hi Jmoul,

I like the way you define music, a musician would understand it even better. As christian we know that we listen to clean music/songs/lyrics etc. But what do you think about christian who just love the taste of rap music (gospel) and just can't appreciate a classical piece.

Like me i can NOT appreciate rap music, i just don't like it and i am thinking that there are persons who just love rap and nothing else. We all are different and sometimes we do have different taste in music.
Hi Jmoul

You said:

"Classical musical is a favourite and I admonish every musician to listen to it. It helps with both interpretaion and style of playing. Another plus for it, is that it simple has very little or no secular vibes to it."

This is not really the full picture.

Please checkout the following:

You will find that classical music and rock music are close siblings. In fact some of the best rock guitarists have a good classical background because of the techniques that are taught.

When you say that classical music has little or no secular vibes this makes the music style appear worthy for church use, but that should not be a way of deciding what music is suitable, otherwise you end up with the following situation:

At an Adventist educational institution a classical piece was played by the SDA orchestra. While to most the piece did not appear to have any secular vibes, the piece was a 'prayer for the dead'. We know the dead know nothing, so who were they playing to?

In the early 19th century jazz musicians were looking for inspiration, wherre did they go? to Bach, because of his long flowing fluid lines.

I do think there is NO clear line between secular and non secular music in terms of style, now, in terms of use, yes there may be.
Yes, the classical music I refferred to above is called "Reqiem Mass" which is a prayer for the salvation of the soul(s) of the departed. Because this has the 'correct' style church folk would not notice what was being played and thus would not detect the sinful vibes. Is it OK to play this type of music if no one notices?
Also, since it is classical music, should we play classical music in our churchs, now we know it has this association?
Classical music the prominent in the 18th and 19th century. Most, if not ALL the hymns that a registered in the Adventist hymnal are from CLASSICAL composers. Now, because one song promotes praying for the dead and it happens to be classical is no justification to banish Classical music to the dust bin of inappropriate music. Classical music does something to the mind that no other genre does, it puts you in a blissful mood and when used in a worship setting, it really shows Praise and Adoration to God. So, this notion that one song that is against our fundamental beliefs should not be allowed is ludicrous. To address the issue of preference, people are different when it comes to musical preferences; even the very composers whose music score we play from had there taste and preference but as Adventists, we should listen to music that does not focus on the BEAT and Musical facets, but listen to the poetic language that is brought out in the song. For example:

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

Would you find such majestic expression of language in any other song.... and guess what... that hymn is considered to be classical. So, people have tastes and preferences, but in my view, the Standard should be classical. It may sound weird from some one who comes from the Caribbean tell folks about structure and reasons for classical music, and its pace in church; but with a British background, guess tastes and preferences around the world are different. So, it's my view that the Standard Should be CLASSICAL. As some one said that hymns and the old songs are good.

Let us do a comparative analysis of this the Church BACK THEN to the church NOW. Was music more effective then, or now? And, why should be use worldly music as bate to lower folks into the church. I went to the US (Philadelphia) and I was shock in terms of the way things were done. A church paying musicians and the go on the music platform with their EAR RINGS and other "Bling" as they call it; not to mention other SHOCKING THING and WHAT music was a associated with this fiasco... surely not classical. What message as a church are we potraying? The message in song or the BEAT in song?
This is bsically what I wrote on another section about music

Music was in heaven, before it was 'defiled', and And as we know Satan uses music to influence us greatly. Music can just has that certain effect on the mind, and so much influence... that is one thing that I'm sure we all agree on. But every time I see this topic, or it is discussed in church, there tends to be no definite resolve. There are always opinions, logical and great biblical points.

I personally, I don't know for how many other people, when I hear a song... especially Christian music I listen to the lyrics. I don't just check to see if the lyrics have God once or twice in the song. That doesn't always define a Gospel song anyway in my opinion. The songs I listen to are contemporary Christian or Gospel, Christian songs mostly. I rarely listen to other types of music But for every song I listen to I have sermon, imprinted in my mind. I list to anything which give me a positive message, a scripture. I even go as far as searching for the intent of the song, what the band name means, where the inspiration came from, the message. I treat each song like a sermon. Well there are always a few songs which have contradictory belief's such as death, and people looking down on us after they are dead etc, but for the most part, I know some really inspiring songs. And as a brother said earlier, there is even Rap (ok I'm really really picky when it comes to Gospel Rap, if I can't get a message out of it I don't listen to it. If I know you can't understand the lyrics, or much less hear them, I won't listen to it with those who can't understand it. Beats and noise in music are one thing, but If I Genuinely feel I Got something message, some verses, which are still imprinted in my head from the song, I'll listen to it. And I honestly use those scriptures on a daily basis, to get through the day etc.. Thats just the effect it has on me. Some people have no problem with it different types of music. But I think that music is one of those things which really splits up the church, and thats why there are so many churches with different worship styles to favor each one's preference, and belief's... to me its Sad, but thats the reality.

There is also the effect of desensitizing your ears, or adjusting to the music. I know that certain things in music i've gotten used to, there was a point where I didn't listen to any gospel music which had a fast tempo and even 'slight beats'.But even so, even with all of the different Genre's of music, I could never adjust to hearing ppl scream, and imitate heavy metal Rock groups. It just hurt my spirit, and I never got into it. Everyone is different. The word stays the same. But Surely you have a conscience. God gave you one. Everyone has a different extreme true, but there are some things you just know aren't appropriate.

Now there are songs you play in church, and there are songs I don't think are appropriate for a church setting. Thats just me.

There are alot of contemporary artists, especially nowadays who write their songs so that they could be interpreted by anyone how they feel like it. This is done basically to increase sales to the secular world, and officially, used to get a secular person to get interested in the music, look up the artist, and their background and I guess be a 'witness for Christ.

In the question... Jazz.... isn't Take 6, considered as a Gospel Jazz group? Do we consider their harmonies bad as well? (forgive me I don't think I read ALL of the previous entries to this topic, if that question was answered), or is it just the instrumental part of music we are concerned about?

Well this was just a little bit of my view on music.

I like to compose, and sing, so music means a lot to me. I usually listen to and write, Christian and contemporary Christian music.

This is a big topic to me, so i'm still rtying to learn all I can about music and how it really affects people and how to use it as a witness. as I sad earlier, i've heard the scripture...

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 - Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God's law but am under Christ's law), so as to win those not having the law. To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

used alot. So How do ou use this scripture in music.... without compromising? And How to be the best christian witness, with music?
I listen to all kinds of music also.
From classical through to rock, reggae and hip hop and hymns all kinds of religious music and some good secular music aswell.
I pretty much stick to conservative hymns and Gospel songs, mainly from former years, but sometimes with music written today. I even prefer hymn music to classical music. But, I do like guitar and banjo picking, as long as it doesn't have a lot of beat to go with it. And I appreciate the heartfelt emotions in people who may write a different kind of music than what I enjoy.
No one has said much about what music we should wirte as SDA Christians. We should write music that has grown out of our experiences. Be sure that your musical background, your listening tastes will influence the music that you create. Be a student of music - it does have universal properties that transcend culture, race, time, and place. Music is a gift from God that can also be misused, so be sure to pray before, during and after you begin composing.
I see some musicians writing or copying styles in order to make their music popular. Rather than try to be successful in the world (albeit with good evangelistic intentions), surely it is better to be true to yourself. Let the Holy Spirit direct you in the composition process. Prepare to be inspired, but don't expect the finished product to be without effort on your part. God bless you in your song writing.
oh! Diana!is regretable that not many can do like this,with humble spirit in frotn of God!
with his love,


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