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Pet Jerky Strips” Fundraiser by “Jerky Direct”

Pets love JERKY!  Now you can tap into the “Pet Jerky” craze and use it as a fundraiser! can help you do just that! 
We can provide you with cases of pet jerky for you to sell, or you can sign your customers up for monthly autoship, and your school or organization will make at least $2.00 per month per customer year round!  (With just 100 customers you make $200.00/month, $2400.00 per year!) Compare us to other popular brands, and you will see that  our product is all natural and we will not skimp on the quality nor the quantity (we give 2 – 3 times more meat) for your money!  Many people i.e., older people with pets may prefer this fundraiser rather traditional ones.    One thing for sure, as long as there are pets, pet jerky will be in demand!

Join this program by simply buying one bag of Jerky, at $ 12.30 plus shipping which will be less than $14.00 w/shipping included, and then you can buy more at the wholesale prices, and let your customer go on
"auto ship" so you have no delivery or shipping expenses.

Non USA Pathfinder Groups, you can earn too, just make sure your customers live in the USA or it's territories!   For instance for Jamaican churches, you can have your members in the USA, help get orders from others in the USA for the jerky.

Students, this is a perfect program for you to help with school funding.

I look forward to helping you all earn the funds you need for Pathfinders....

JERKY DIRECT BAGS  Best Offer Available For Your Fundraiser!

YOUR COST: $12.30
for 12 ozs.!Top of Form


Bottom of Form


·  Turkey Raised Without Added Hormones

·  No Preservatives

·  No Added MSG

·  NO Nitrite

·  NO Erythorbate

·  NO Artificial Ingredients

·  Only Minimally Processed

·  Delivered in our double pet treat pack Hula Lula Turkey Jerky  Retail $13.49 for 5-oz bag  



Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Dog Je...Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Dog Jerky Treats $11.99 for 3.25 oz. bag

For more information on this and other ideas, and to start earning money today contact us:

Fundraising PhenomenonS 
M. Brown (918) 516-5113,

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