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As a Master Guide and Teacher of a Pathfinder class and a Director of a Pathfinder Club how can we help and keep our Pathfinders motivated as an individual or as a group. So they can be enthusiasm in Pathfinder activities and to have the passion to learn and grow in Christ.

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Sure this is becoming a big problem and especially in our churches today. the parents have been the forefront of discouraging the pathfinders in so many ways. it may be that the are not getting the love and explanation as to why the church is such a good place to be. the y need to be told that pathfinder is such a good place to be and the benefits by even the parents themselves befoe the pathfinder teachers could tell them as well.

nest the pathfinder teachers or rather masterguides need to have a good knowledge of how to handle pathfinders who have been experiencing alot of challenges and esp with the parents

make a one year plan to keep you in track with your activities and find lecturers of different honors and join camporee in your place.


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