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Has it ever occurred to you that little are we doing for our Master concerning the Great Commission given to the church? Professed Adventists of late highly preach prosperity, moral advice, ways of excelling in life etc.  I am not against all these sayings yet, don't we think satan is disrupting us from focusing on the spreading of the Three Angels Messages?
Adventists fail, feel shy, afraid and refuse to proclaim to others wherever they are that they are the REMNANTS who are called to proclaim certain special messages. It is time we awoke up from our sleep to feel proud of the call from God. Working for the Master is the greatest commission Man can think of embarking on.
All that Pathfinders and Master Guides are interested in most is Youth Camps, Camporees, outdoor activities etc. Isn't it retarding the progress of the work?

Pause and think about this

If we do blame Jonah for being recalcitrant for not going on Gods errand when God sent him to Nineveh. He found himself in the belly of the whale.
What then will befall Adventists when we refuse to spread the Three Angels Messages (Rev. 14:6-12) ?
Let us hand in hand think about this and focus on the great commission much more than the fun.

                                   May God Have Mercy On US ALL?

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yes i agree with you on that pathfinders learn alot of the church they make others know they exists through their activities but i thimk they should be more concerned with evangelism and sharing their faith.
pathfinder leaders should work it out


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