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What should I do if I don’t feel like I need to repent? How can I make myself more humble towards God?

This question is coming from a time of doubt in my life. I just have not been very connected with Jesus lately. I feel somewhat connected with God, though the personal relationship I used to have with his son has gone out the window. It’s a strange situation. Part of this problem may be coming from not being humble before God – I feel like I can get by on my own sometimes. I don’t have any specific sin, just general ones that I struggle with day to day like pride. I was mostly looking for repentance in general.

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  Speak with reverance and realize they both Love you and speak to them as a friend, humble yes but as a friend.       Come and join us ....Jerry

Thinking for you Akeem. This note is pretty old, but prayer for becoming closer to God is always going to be a good thing!

Stay strong, stay close, stay faithful. Blessings to you and yours Brother and... Maranatha!


  Hi brother,would like you to read Ephesians 6;10-18, it is a war which you have to overcome,read the bible,sing and pray always.Contemplate about Jesus read about him you will eventually overcome.we remember you in prayers now.

Hi Akeem,

you know, you can just ask Jesus to dwell permanently in you, also you can order satan to depart out from you and from your life in the powerful name of Jesus.

never try; always decide and just hold on.

you know, God has great plan to prosper you.

just ask Him to show you the most rapidly His will for your life.

God bless you!


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