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Many are coming to the understanding that the doctrine of the Trinity was never taught by the Pioneers.

This site contains multiple pages documenting how and when the Trinity doctrine entered Adventism. 

Trinity or Heresy: You Decide

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Correct, the so called Trinity was never a Biblical doctrine. Some verses seem to imply such while others do the opposite, such as no man hath seen God at any time. The reasons for the above is many times misunderstanding Biblical idioms and figures of speech, Biblical culture, as well as translation problems and in a few cases out and out forgery which was used to support this doctrine. In 325 AD at the Council of Nicene Jesus was declared to be "God." In 380 AD at the second Council of Constantinople the holy spirit was declared to be "God also."

These doctrines were forced upon Christianity at the point of the sword of The Emperor of Rome, Constantine who murdered his wife, his two sons and probably killed Arius in the Emperor's palace. Constantine worshipped the sun god Sol, and was only concerned about uniting the Roman Empire, as he was not interested in "truth."

Neither Jesus nor the apostles or old testament itself nor the Jews believed in such things. John Schoenheit explains about the Hebrew word ONE used in Dueteronomy 6:4. He also wrote an excellent 700 page book on the Trinity called "One God and One Lord." The link is below:

There is many who do not subscribe to the Idea of trinity, Perhaps it may be a misunderstanding or jut sheer revulsion for a concept that is of Pagan origin. But there is certain facts that forms the basis of the Trinity Doctrine in the Bible. 

There is tree persons in the Family of God. The Father The Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We come across these Persons continually in the Bible.

We has newer been told how exactly this relationship works But it is clear that it is a extremely Close one. So wIhat you will call it is up to you really. But in General the Idea of Trinity has been arrived at. So if you see this as right or wrong is up to you

Our friends the JW has rejected the person hood of the Holy Spirit sadly. And their idea is that the Holy Spirit is only a force and has no personality. This is a fallacy because the Bible talks a lot about the attributes of the Holy Spirit.   


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