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Why does it so difficult for me to believe when a man says that he loves me or misses me?. Is something wrong with me?. Am I buried at the grave of my traumatic life?. 

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Hi Dior Manta Tambunan, Its very natural in this un-Christian, materialistic and individualistic cultural setting of modern man for nobody to believe in "falling in love" anymore!! Everybody has secret agendas for being in love!!

So if a person says that he is in love with you or vice-versa, invite him/her to your house to meet with your parents and siblings. Also, see if he/she is comfortable in inviting you to his/her house.

If this happens, you have crossed the first hurdle. Now the main hurdle is to find out if he/she is a committed SDA believer and how strong their church/Christian commitment is. If this also proves to be impressive, I suggest that everything else must take a back seat.

Good suggestion brother. Thank you so much.


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