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Simple question that will hopefully bring forth answers to challenge what I have recently learned. So that everyone may benefit from the truth.

QUESTION: Why do people say we are going to heaven when the scriptures say otherwise?

Mathew 5:5 for starters or Revelation 5:10 or Revelation 20:9 that tells how satan will try to attack the beloved city saying that he and the nations that he'd deicieved would march across the breadth of EARTH and surround our camp......anything to be said please?

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Hi Ukeeya,


Great question!


There is no conflict between Matt. 5:5 where Christ is speaking of the "New Earth" and  Rev. 5:10 where the apostle John is giving the content of the "book" that is opened as the 'Mesiah's scroll' is unsealed (To fully understand the context of Rev. 5:10 you need to read the entire chapter of Rev. 5. It would also be most helpful to read the SDA Bible Comentary's comments on this chapter as well.), with Rev. 20:9. The reason there is no conflict is that the events of Rev. 20 when compared with the other text you gave has to do with the total "timeline" of the book of Rev. This includes the millenium and the final distruction of Satan himself and all sin at the end of the Millennium and the recreation of the Earth Made New for us after Christ Second Coming.

I realize that I've given you a very quick overview concerning your original question but this is all the time I have for at the moment. If you feel you need futher information for this study please let me know.


Respectfully, your brother in Christ,



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