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How do you feel about Christian Education?

What are some of the obstacles you are facing as a single parent regarding sending your children to an SDA School?

How do you combact them?

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I believe in and support Christian Education to the max but it is hard as I am the sole supporter in the home and the cost is high but to be honest I have sent my daughter both the prmary and secondary schools.

God has blessed in this area as my church has been a big help and my daugher even got a scholarship once, but I know that they are other parents out there who are having it hard.

Please share your struggles so that we can pray fro you and you strive to do God's bidding.

If you can afford the christian education at a good SDA school then go for it -as a good christian education is a solid foundation to build your child's future life , choices and dreams on.

A christian education also helps a child to remain grounded in good morals and principles.

But as a single parent the costs may be crippling at some of the privately run schools. So finding an alternative school- that is also a christian school but is State run -so no school fees- may be the next best choice.

IF the father/mother of your child is financially supportive and  can help with the school fees them maybe this can be an option- esp if they are an SDA as well and can see and know the values of a good christian education.

I know one lady who took out a loan to pay for her child's education whilst she worked hard to pay it off.

This may be an option for some but ONLY if you know you can repay that loan and acquire one at a low interest rate and that you have good job to fall back on to help cover the costs- as there is no point getting into serious debt if you cannot manage it on the job you have which may not pay as well as you would like.

If they go to a non SDA church then just instill these values yourself at home or do homeschooling if you do not wish them to attend  such a school and if you cannot get into any christian school at all of any denomination.

it is thye best way to bring up your chrild or chrildren into

I had to to move 200 miles south to get SDA education for my kid. It's the best Education next to homeschooling! I pray that more people wake up to this!


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