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How do you think kids feel when we are the only parent they have and all of their other friends have both parents, then we do not spend enough time with them?

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My daughter tells me all the time that she thinks this is important because when she needs her dad he is not always there and she just needs me to be her best frind so that she could feel secure...
my son is only 4 years old.....he stay with my parents in province because im working here in manila....but his dad and i still good friends...we have still communication because he will asked me about our son and etc....he have his own family as of now but we will make sure that both of us have time to talk with our son on PHONE....if he have enough money he will give me for the support of financial.....even im far i will make sure that every birhday of my son ill be home for that day so that he can feel also that HE is precious to me......
I think they feel bad as Bajans would say. My daughter is 14 and she still feels bad.

Since we are SDA members she is surrounded by peers who live ina home with both parents and that does affect her but not as bad as before. God has blessed us in that she has 2 real dedicated 'fathers' who are very supportive of her and are very proud of her.

If she is doin special music or anything I am always there. I take days out of my vacation so that I can attend her AY programs at school. I have a family nite or we just lime about in town or something. But it is hard to make up for that missing partner.

I tell her that God is her dad and she should trst him with all her heart.

To me in a situation like that you have to pay extra specail attention but its not always easy to make the time since everything is on you.

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