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Hello all. Am a single parent with a 14year old who is rebelling no matter what I do. He does not want me to have friends. Sometimes you get lonely and want to hav someone to talk with. Worries me when he is so possesive.

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Hi Buumba,

I empathize with you because I have two children, 12 and 20 and the 12 year old, a boy, does not think I should see any either. I have not been actively dating but I talk about it and he is strongly against it.
As always, I would say pray about your son, and about God's will for you to have someone else in your life and then talk to him.
Ask your son how he would feel if his best friend were to be sent to prison for something he did not do. Discuss it as far as you can go and as you see his displeasure and other emotions surface, tell him that that is what he is doing to you; sentencing you to a lifetime of loneness. Show him that when he is old enough, he will find a wife and move on with his life while he demands that you live only for him. Be prepared that he may ask you to wait until he leaves home before you date. That is another issue that can take me a whole day to write about but I pray that he gets the message before he makes that request.
I pray that you truly take this matter before the Lord and allow Him to order your steps.
God bless.
Hi Essy,

Am grateful for the advise. I will do that and keep you informed so that you can advise more. Thank you so much and I hope it works.

Stay blessed.


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