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As a single mother/father, how should you handle the child's emotional feelings towards you getting married for first time or again?

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I would like to hear view on this topic. I rarely date because my daughter used to throw tantrums whenever I went out so I just eased the stress but now I am still single and she is a teenager who seems even more possesive...Of course she is no longer throwing tantrums but she is almost cold to guys who show an interest...mind you she is very respectful and all that but I think that she resents guys getting some form of attention from me. HELP...LOL
I am trying to wait till my two are out of high school for that problem right there. I was counciled by many that it would be best if I waited so then I would be less stressed and so would everyone involved. At that point I know this who ever comes into my life will love teens and children and will want to meld well with my children because some day I will want to attend weddings, birthdays, and all the holidays that go with having children and grandchildren and I will want my other half to be there for all of it. I hate drama and I am certain God does too.. I do believe he will bring the right one that will cause as little drama as possible and I will be waiting while he creates that relationship for me .. I will not create that relationship for me.... is this making scene? My best wishes and prayers go out to all of us who have to even think about melding new families.
Thank you and boy am I loneliness seem to be my best friend....specially when I am overwhelmed
I hear you there... Loneliness is the reason I am here on this site... and glad to find others :) needing a bit of encouragement too, :) it's gonna be alright some day.. I believe that! God bless,
Yes Carla better days are coming, but I love my singleness. Don't know why others are not the same.
lOL that one is funny...Tanks Lysa. as for Rochelle nothing is wrong is loving being single nor is it wrong with wanting to be with someone. We were created to desire companionship. I enjoyed my singleness for a while but to be honest now I don't. I am comfortable with it but that does not mean I have to like it. The time I really enjoyed my singleness was when I was getting acquainted with the new me (after becoming a parent you whole attitude and way of thinking changes) as I had made some huge changes and was quite unaware of it.

I'm sure that they are days when you actually desire male companionship. Someone to call you and tell you they love you or were thinking about you or just knowing that they were there to call on when you need someone. God is always there but he created us with the need for companionship. anyone agree with me?
I understand those feelings completely and I agree with you but since we now have children who are innocent bystanders, it becomes a matter of SACRIFICE until they become adults.... Ooops that may be a long time for some and unacceptable to others but what would GOD want us to do with his lambs.
This is certainly a matter for prayer.


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