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We have a lot of Adventist teachers around the globe that serves in the secular school. This is consider as an opportunity to approach those who are non-Adventist in the secular school. Do you have any ideas on how to approach them?

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I teach in a public, secular school. This is the mission my Lord has given to me. Although we are not allowed to bring God or religion into the work area, we can still be witnesses for Christ by the way we carry ourselves. People are always watching and listening to what we say or do. In my case it's the students, parents, and the coworkers that I interact with everyday. I may not say much about my Lord, but people do notice how one acts or reacts to things or situations.

I'm also very socialable. However, I've noticed that it's the Lord who brings certain people, parents and kids to me. He leads and guides. The students (parents too), who are in my class, were chosen to be there by my Lord.

I'm a teacher and my students are number 1 to me. Teaching is hard!!!! Yet I wouldn't change it for another career. It's my mission and I love it!

I am a public high school teacher. My school is open to all religions. There are different groups of christian students. In my case, I integrate chritian values in my English lessons, especially in literature. At the start of classes, I tell my students I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and share a bit of what I believe. When they come for pieces of advice, I share Jesus to them. 


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