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Society has  changed  a  lot. In  today's  society,  does  a  woman  still  has   to wait  on a  guy , like  in the  days  of the  bible. Or should  she be  aggressive  and  lets    say  approach the guy  with intentions  to date  and love  him.  What  do you think  ?

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I'm old fashioned and feel that the men should do the asking, but there is no harm in being in or going to the places where you are likely to meet like minded young people. I'm sure "Messages to Young People" will have advice on this. All the instances in the Bible where i can remember women going after the men they wanted, didn't turn out to well for either of them!!

This is suppose to be a light hearted look at singledom Stacey : )  That question is not funny!! LOL 

Christianity standards do not change for Our Lord does not as for your question.As a man i dont like to be approached ,even if you are good,beutful,spiritually active,  i will obviously link it with that girl being a slut and of low esteem.

So as a Lady you really need to pray more than before,keep in touch with The Lord and you wlii find a husband made for you

I  like  that.

Stacey, I think MFG share the same view as I do, that wooing, romantically pursuing an individual one may have an interest in is the role of the male.

I'm not an aggressor when it comes to relationships, I'll wait till forever for the guy to make the approach, but once he does, I'm more than comfortable with carrying on the conversation. I grow up with this thing that a guy should make the first move and now I'm stuck, lol.  I say I would but never got up the nerve to do it...I went as far as to practice, but couldn't follow through, lol.

I don't have a problem with the female being the aggressor, however, I don't think i'm cut to fit this category, sigh!  Darn it, I'm old schooled..! DWL.

Lol,  me  too  when  it   comes  to   making  the  first  move  on guys.

TRUE 100%

lets do in a bible way

what the bible say abt it....


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