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hey guys,it seems no one is starting a discussion, how about we begin with my question(s) regarding "the signs of the end." i would very much like to hear from you guys-theologians

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i dont thing the sign are important any more because they have brought more harm to the church than awareness of the end because the world has started to doubt the credibility of our masseges, so didnt appear as we predicted.
I think the sign is important but how we perceived them is another story altogether. Lately, there are many signs were taking places around Asia. I personally believe, God is warning us, so that we will be faithful and endure all. In Revelation 14:12, Talks about our ENDURANCE, Matthew 24 talks about our ENDURANCE, it is a sign for us to continue to run the ENDURANCE RACE set for us by Lord Jesus. Hebrew 12: 1-3 and 2 Timothy 4: 16- onwards... talks about our FIGHT OF ENDURANCE... Think about it brother.. It is time for us to get ready and run the ENDURANCE RACE. The moment we finish the race, we will receive the crown of righteousness that is prepared for us On the day of the LORD's Return...


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