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A few parents or grandparents in the USA are alive today to share their memories of those terrible years historians have labeled "The Great Depression." “The Great (Economic) Depression" was global, affecting the entire industrialized, civilized world. The hardships and sorrows associated with "The Great Depression" were largely unknown however and scarcely felt by people living in the primitive third-world. Poverty for the "primitive poor" was everyday normal. But things were very different elsewhere on the planet.

In the America and abroad, were bankrupted overnight by the crash and lost everything they owned. autumn of 1929, the legendary New York City Wall Street Stock Market crashed! At this moment I am reading the actual headline of ‘The Brooklyn Daily Eagle’, dated Thursday, October 24, 1929 (a framed reproduction hangs above my desk): "WALL ST. IN PANIC AS STOCKS CRASH." Countless thousands of intelligent, wealthy persons, inMore than a few committed suicide rather than face the "depression of The Depression."

History reveals that The Great Depression reached its economic low point about three and half years later in 1932. During those Depression years, heart-wrenching photographs recall the haggard-faced thousands of American city-dwellers standing in long "soup lines," begging day after day for a scrap of bread and nourishment. Multiplied thousands of "hobos," fled America’s great cities, hopping trains and crisscrossing our nation, begging for meals and looking for any kind of employment they could find. Many left hungry and destitute families at home. Nothing about the brutal experience of "The Great Depression" was imaginary for these people. For those who experienced it, "The Great Depression" was not a dream it was a nightmare!
We should acknowledge that things and people were different 75 years ago. Seventy percent (70%) of Americans lived in rural America, many of them on farms. Try to imagine the fear that will grip thousands upon thousands who will try to flee the coming fury but find no gasoline in the pumps. Think of those who will discover major highways blocked with fleeing-on-foot mobs, throwing stones, some waving guns, attempting to hijack anything with wheels and gasoline.

Through the ages GODS people have always suffered persecution (tribulation). Jesus Christ, the Baptist and the Disciples suffered tribulation, but modern millions have been taught that they will be "ruptured" and never experience such tribulation. Somehow they have failed to read Jesus’ admonition regarding the Tribulation time: "The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord." Matthew 10:24. Imagine sincere people waiting, waiting, waiting for deliverance, as the world sinks around them.

When this time comes, how many people would have appreciated an opportunity to read and heed insightful warnings, like these, written by Sister Ellen White, who received the instruction below, by inspiration, over 100 years ago.

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