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Alright brothers and sisters, I have a dream and this has been in my blood ever since I was 16years old when I entered church service at Nakawa SDA Church. I wanted an efffective Evangelism Ministry which would tap all sectors of human life.

I was interested in Gospel, Education and Health Ministries. I hope to settle in Uganda and I hope me working with friends we will be giving bible and health lectures first in Kampala and when the Lord allows infiltrate other districts and villages. We will definitely need speakers men and women full of spirit to give bible and health lecture series.

So far we are 3 individuals looking forward to execute this work of God and we'll need more people.

As some of you know me, I am a man of IT and advocate for dynamism, So I want this work to be dynamic and with a touch of technology. We are still praying for the ministry, I'll donate my quite new Toshiba laptop PC, and we hope to need a video projector and as time goes by the Lord will provide for speakers, music mixer and generator in case we visit villages.

I call upon you those who are here, to pray for this ministry, for the Lord to give me vision and understanding to train me in His school, to humble me, that me and my friends may take the gospel to the people.

The ministry will give presentation (that's why we need a video projector) on different bible topics, show documentary films, give health lectures to both Adventists and Non-Adventists during mid-week fellowships and Friday vespers.

Later as the Lord blesses, we'll infiltrate the Education sector, may be set up a school to educate needy students, a school not for gain but aimed at imparting morals and understanding to students as they advance through their respective classes.

Please react to this post, and give advice, what do you think about the ministry, logo etc.?
I designed the logo, but if there are some experts in that, please chip in for the Lord's ministry.

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I do think the logo is perfect to me,(good Job) I just want to thank you for that dream. (just like Dr. Martin luther King who had a dream of seeing a black president in the USA and it came to reality recently, I have no doubt, even this will one day, come in reality.
Every time we yarn to serve the lord mostly by preaching his Gospel, he will always make a way for us.
I believe and strongly believe that this is a good Idea.
however in this struggle of proclaiming the Gospel to others, lets not forget to preach to our selves first.
I will keep this in my prayers and I believe God will bless many through this program .
Thanks for your reply susan...
God bless you and we'll take whatever you have said as important, we are also grateful for the intercessory prayer. I know you are standing in between the gap, may the good Lord bless you for that. With your expertise and training I am sure you'll be a benefit to this ministry.

We'll be with a fully functional website, where videos, sermons from ministry will be posted and articles, handbills will also be printed for distribution, so I know with your expertise in the health sector we have a stepping stone.

I thank the Lord, because He gave me working knowledge of website designing, video editing and photography, but still any professional in those spheres are all welcome. United We Stand!

Now regarding the logo, I tried to scratch my head for ideas, and even posted for help here on AO, but still a name couldn't come which I desired, so after prayer I came up with that, but ofcourse that's preliminary and I hope the Lord will shade more light on this issue.

You said an important thing, no sermon should be given if it doesn't change us! It's a big ministry and I know there's gonna be pulling of strings from the very top, but If It's the Lord's will then No one will be against us. So Pray for God's will.

Blessings to all of us


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