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And Jesus said unto them, Take heed that no man Deceives you.

These words Jesus spoke after his disciples had asked for the signs of His coming and end of the world.

Take heed that no man deceives you! i think what this means is that on everything that God created on earth, i mean everything, man is more dangerous than anything else, thus Jesus says take heed that no man deceives you. Before He spoke of any other signs, He first warned of the deceiption of man.

Does any1 agree with me here!

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 I sincerely agree with you without any doubt at all. flashback into the garden of eden- satan first planted this spirit of deceit here; analyse critically and closely from here;

  1. eve (man transplanted it)
  2. adam (man was the new shoot from the transplant)
  3. adam and eve (man auctioned the deceit to God who never! and will never!! make an offer for it)                                    
from the above, one can see the extreme man can go. man has from that point become an instrument for the propagation of deceit for the benefit of satan. but thank God we have a risen saviour who will not have us captured and blind folded but came down in person to exterminate deceit on the cross of calvary (which is the bloom of hope and faith we have when the sun floats in the sky every morning and sinks in the evening)


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