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  • Adventist Singles

    2074 members Latest Activity: Sep 11 A group of vibrant Adventist Singles. This group will make it easy to find other single Adventists. Go ahead... talk amongst yourselves! :-)

  • Sexual Discussion Topics

    357 members Latest Activity: Aug 8 This is a private group for the discussion of sexual topics.  These topics are relevant but we do not wish to see them in the general forum.  Feel…

  • Country Living

    57 members Latest Activity: Jun 20 For individuals interested in pursuing EGW counsel for country living.

  • Natural Healing

    78 members Latest Activity: Jun 20

    We share and discuss methods of workable and safe natural healing modalities.

  • Mature Singles - Single & Cool With It

    531 members Latest Activity: Jun 15 A group for the older single person who is comfortable with that status. If you want to mingle and chat and share ideas, experience and…

  • Music Seminars Online

    26 members Latest Activity: May 6

    Join a music group with a fresh new start; a Holy Spirit assignment. Join now and be a foundation builder of this new praise ministry. 


  • Vegan Raw & Natural Living

    26 members Latest Activity: Feb 19

    Starting or already on a Vegan and/or Raw Food journey?

    Let's inspire, share and support each other on the road to better…

  • Sermon Sources: "Go, Tell The World"

    536 members Latest Activity: Feb 19 This group composes of links or sources of sermons, people who provides or shares spiritually-uplifting words from God to be shared with others. This…

  • Natural Remedies

    575 members Latest Activity: Feb 19 There are many people who don't know about natural remedies (Herbs, Hydrotherapy, etc.). Would you be willing to share what you know about using…

  • Musicians and Singers

    607 members Latest Activity: Feb 19 Where all us music people hang out and exchange ideas.

  • Health Ministry

    1172 members Latest Activity: Feb 19

    Health reform message as the right arm of the third angel’s message.

  • Donation Requests & Fundraisers

    144 members Latest Activity: Feb 19

    This public group is the only place on Adventist Online where you may solicit funds or make donation requests of other members.


  • Enjoy Cooking- Quick and Simple!

    649 members Latest Activity: Feb 19

    Why not join our group and share your most enjoyable recipes with family and friends. 

    Whether your a vegan or vegetarian help us to…

  • Forum for College and University Students [FOCUS]

    236 members Latest Activity: Feb 10 Welcome all College/ University Students. We are here to share views, Career guidance, Sharing life as a Student. All Graduates are welcome!

  • Overcoming mental health problems

    66 members Latest Activity: Feb 10

    This is a safe place for Christians who are suffering from some type of Mental Illness like Depresasion, Anxiety, Bi-Polar etc.  This is a place…

  • Serious Relationship

    339 members Latest Activity: Feb 10

  • Basic spanish 1.0.1

    49 members Latest Activity: Feb 10

    I hope u joy my group I hope it can help u learn

  • Available Men 45 +

    35 members Latest Activity: Feb 10

    And the Lord brought the woman to the man. "Wow! this is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." (Missing rib)…

  • Prayer Warriors

    537 members Latest Activity: Jan 21 This group of people is for people that will pray for the needs of the members of this site daily. We will lift up by name the requests of those who…

  • Final Events And How To Prepare

    796 members Latest Activity: Dec 15, 2020

    Last day events of Bible prophecy and how we can prepare for these final events.

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