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What is the difference of Sabbath keeper and SDA?
10 Replies

I want to know the difference Sabbath keeper and SDA denomination!Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Colporteur Feb 26, 2014.

How to overcome rejection?
14 Replies

How to overcome rejection for Correcting a mistaken identity?Why does rejection wound us so deeply?Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ms. ML Feb 5, 2014.

Emotional buildup: Easily offended? Irritable?
5 Replies

Have you ever seen somebody who is tense, where it is easy to get on their nerves? Do they always seem irritable? Does this describe how you feel? Have you ever wondered why a person is like that? It is certainly not part of God's design for us, for His Word is clear that we are given a sound clear mind:2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ms. ML Jan 30, 2014.

Bearing KINGDOM Fruit
11 Replies

what is our personal Role? Are we fruit bearers?Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ms. ML Jan 28, 2014.

Jesus will still be there

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While I'm waiting please transform my life by renewing my mind and heart in accordance to Your good and perfect will. Amen.

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, Married, Divorced, It's Complicated
I am here for: (select all that apply)
Discussion, Friendship
About Me:
Loyal, friendly, trying to in love to Jesus before the human being,...I like outdoor activities, like adventures, i love cooking, reading religious books.

I always joining in personal ministries. I love meeting people. i am active in the church. I am the church clerk, Corsage in charge, and elected as Eager Beaver Club Director.
I'd Like to Interact With:
unkind person, negative thinker, dishonest, unlovable person, i think all kind persons that i can challenge myself.
Canvasing, Play instruments and Reading bible and praying (who's willing to share faith and learn with me)
religious musics
Leisure Activities:
reading, searching, playing piano, sports, siesta..etc
Bible, Steps to Christ, Early Writing, Truth, Creating love, Health & home, Bible Questions and Answers, Man is from Mars and Woman is from Venus, Happiness Digest and etc.

"Ministry is a marathon. It's not how you start out that matters but how you end. So, how do you make it to the end? The Bible says, 'Love never fails' (1 Cor. 13:8). If you minister out of love you can never be considered a failure."

God sometimes uses trouble to open your eyes, to make you aware of His voice, to make you sensitive to your surroundings. It's a wake up call, a nudge in the right direction. Don't allow the enemy to implant bitter thoughts in your mind tha...t will only make you steer away from the Lord; thoughts that will only make you question His motives. Pray for discernment and revelation in this confusing time. Trust and seek the Lover of your soul. (Spiritually Single)
"Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed" (1 Peter 4:12-13 ESV)

How awesome is that our Savior not only understands us but has also endured sadness, joy, love, anger, anguish, temptation and trouble. Somehow when you know a person has walked in your shoes, their words become worthy, relevant. He's been ...through it and wants to help you live through it too. He knows what it's like to be blinded by tears, He knows what it's like to be overcome by sadness and grief. He knows how it feels when you're heart leaps of contentment. He knows what it's like to be troubled by something to the point of sweating drops of blood. He knows what it's like to love someone more than yourself. He knows the anger that comes when you've been taken for granted. He knows what it's like when temptation presents itself and you are at your weakest. He's been there, He's lived through it and He's conquered. Open your heart and let Him take over. Allow Him to deal with the emotions that have defeated you for so long. Emotions that have paralyzed you, that have prevented you from serving Him and living your life to the fullest. (Spiritually Single)
My Princess, (Prince) I know you have an idea in your head on how everything should unfold in your life. Even today you have an agenda. Because I love, I need you to give Me back all your plans for today and for all your tomorrows. If you Me have your day, I can then intervene with something special. My intervention will give you more joy in your journey than your good intentions. I know all that your heart longs for, and I want to do more for you than you could ever do for yourself. So give Me a chance a change your agenda from ordinary to extraordinary, because that's the kind of life I've destined you to live, My beloved. Love, Your King and your Life Planner (Source: Spiritual Inspiration)
“Wedding vows are not a declaration of present love but a mutually binding promise of future love. A wedding should not be primarily a celebration of how loving you feel now-that can safely be assumed. Rather, in a wedding you stand up God, your family, and all the main institutions of society, and you promise to be loving, faithful, and true to the other person in the future, regardless of undulating internal feelings or external circumstances ” — Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage
Relationships aren't what they use to be, now a days people give up too easily, they allow their relationship to fall apart due to the little things instead of actually resolving the problems together, most of all they allow others to get in the way of what they have together. The way I see relationships is you try so hard to get this person in the beginning, you do all these small things in order to let them know how you feel about them, your effort is constant. So, why not continue all of this? If this person actually means something to you, you would try, you wouldn't allow them to feel insignificant in your life. Lastly, Stop treating your relationship like a chore, be with them because you want to, be committed to one person. If you truly do love them show it because you want to.. not because you have to.
           Holding on to pain is self abuse. – Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today, so celebrate it. Don’t let it haunt you. Replaying a painful memory over and over in your head is a form of self abuse. Toxic thoughts create a toxic life. Make peace with yourself and your past. When you heal your thoughts, you heal the health of your happiness. So stop focusing on old problems and things you don’t want in your future. The more you think about them, the more you attract what you fear into your everyday experiences – you become your own worst enemy...Jerose
              Your outlook looks bleak and you're tired. The many doubts and questions disturbing your thoughts make it difficult to believe there is hope in the near future. God wants you to stop relying on your strength and stop trying to get through this season on your own. You weren't made to do life alone. He wants you to recognize and admit you can't get through this without Him. He so graciously wants to give you His strength, His peace, and His hope; He's just waiting for you to seek Him. Spiritually Single (Unequally Yoked)SeekJesus
"Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him." (1 Chronicles 16:11)
“Everything I want is just Him, to get lost in Him, to feel His love and more and more of this dazzling that He does. I wonder at His beautiful system and how it feels better than anything I could choose or invent for myself. I wonder as I ...gaze up at the night sky, this love letter from God to creation, this reminder that somewhere there is peace, somewhere there is order, and I think about how great His kingdom is, and is going to be, and I wonder, in this beautiful moment, how I could ever want to walk away from it all.” — Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts

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At 4:31pm on March 14, 2014, Sheridan Andrews said…

Have a happy, blessed and sanctified Sabbath. God bless you Ms ML

At 10:04am on March 14, 2014, Zoom gave Ms. ML a gift
At 10:32am on March 9, 2014, Sheridan Andrews said…

Have a great week. God bless you

At 6:56am on March 6, 2014, Juan E said…

My dear friend ML,

God bless you abundantly. May God stay at your side and may you see his hands getting you always to heaven. My dear friend, God has many surprises to you. I pray for you very early morning. God will use you more and more!

Greetings from your farthest friend!


At 7:02am on March 3, 2014, Sheridan Andrews said…

Have a great week, may God continue to bless you and your family.

At 6:35pm on February 27, 2014, Col said…

God Bless. Sister.

Sorry I have not been around for some time. I always welcome your contact.

Happy Sabbath!

At 12:09am on February 17, 2014, Mr Mich said…

iam fine how are you ML long time hope you are fine.

At 3:09am on February 15, 2014, Sheridan Andrews said…

Have a great day, thank you for all the words of encouragement, I've truly appreciated them. God bless you and your family.

At 2:29pm on February 14, 2014, Uncle Murray j said…

Happy  Sabbath  MY FRIEND 

At 2:08pm on February 14, 2014, Uncle Murray j gave Ms. ML a gift
At 3:38pm on January 12, 2014, Lucian DUMITRESCU gave Ms. ML a gift
At 4:10pm on January 10, 2014, christian striver (SDA) said…
Happy sabbath!
At 4:09pm on January 10, 2014, christian striver (SDA) said…
At 6:34am on December 23, 2013, John Fleer said…

Continue seeking for Jesus ML.  Seek Him and don't let Him I and I know He will hear you.  Just don't let him go and hold onto His promises.  I'm praying for you.

At 3:21am on December 22, 2013, John Fleer said…

I will pray for you today, that Jesus strengthens you, that he sends His angels to comfort you, that he shines His light upon you and that you will be surrounded by His love.  I pray that Jesus forgives you of every sin and accepts you and cleanses you and prepares you for His kingdom. 

At 7:37am on December 17, 2013, Grey said…

Thank you so much ML. :)

At 10:07am on November 25, 2013, Jaggery (Dor) said…

At 9:39pm on November 24, 2013, Uncle Murray j said…

wow ML U SURE ARE DEEP IN THOUGHT HERE.  I glad to  know u want me as a friend  ,I am not online too much these  days . as I once was  but Iam indeed a good friend to have when u need advice .  ,  iI been through and am still going through tough times but I have a little time to be of help when and if I be asked .  .

 I promise not to pry into your private lifes affairs and keep quiet when asked to. Friends are their to be of servicet ro listen more then we talk  sometimes hahaha!  Some say when I Start to talk and i can go on and on so I promise to keep my lips  or fingers at half speed  ha! (@)_  _( @ )

At 8:53pm on November 23, 2013, Seth J said…

Thanks for the Add :) Welcome to here

At 2:20am on November 10, 2013, Ms. ML said…

Better than all this world
Better than all I know
Better than life itself
Your love is

All that I have is Yours
All that I'm living for
All that I need is You Lord

Cause You alone are better than life
Than anything in this world
Cause You alone are all that I want
In everything You are good
I stand in awe of all that You are
I stand in awe of You

Everything unto You
Everything held by You
All of our hope is in You Jesus
Nothing compares to You
Nothing will take Your place
All of our trust is in You Lord

Cause You alone are better than life
Than anything in this world
Cause You alone are all that I want
In everything You are good
I stand in awe of all that You are
I stand in awe of You

All of my heart
All that I am
Worship Jesus

Cause You alone are better than life
Than anything in this world
Cause You alone are all that I want
In everything You are good
I stand in awe of all that You are
I stand in awe of You

I stand in awe of all that You are
I stand in awe of You
Only You, Lord

All of my heart
All that I am
Worship Jesus


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