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Jealousy, Greed and Envy are three negative emotions.

Jealousy has to do with rivalry with one person for the love of another.
Jealousy is always triangular. The jealous person wants to love and be loved,
but fears the loss of a beloved to another. Jealousy consists of bitter hatred
and a possessive love.

Greed is an insatiable desire to take for one self what another possesses.
A greedy person wants as much as he can get, and more to feed a frightening inner emptiness.

Envy is a state of all-consuming ill will provoked by an overwhelming sense of inferiority, impotence,
and worthlessness. It begins in the eye of the beholder and is so painful that the envious person will go to almost any lengths to disminsh, it not destroy, whatever may have aroused it. It is stimulated by comparison with others that leaves the envious person feeling inferior and worthless.
Chaucer, in the "canterbury Tales" described envy as having "Sorow at the prosperity of others, and
joy in their hurt." Envy is against all that is good or beautiful, or successful. Envy is pure malice.
For the envious, goodness must not be preserved, only attacked, soiled or destroyed.


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Comment by Genie on May 19, 2008 at 4:08pm
It is a fact. Persons who are consumer by envy are blinded to the fact while envy eats away at their very soul like a cancer. Let us strive to let go of these negative emotions so that our prayers can be answered and we can live healthy, happy lives.

Have a great day and may God continlue to bless you and yours.

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