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865 - The Other Adam / Roots of Truth - Randy Skeete

The argument over male headship, particularly in the church, has raged in the SDA church for decades. Two negative world church votes have not cooled the deb...

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Comment by Max George on October 11, 2019 at 3:31pm

In Christ there is no male, nor female, no slave or nor free man. 

Ordination is not a Biblical concept. Hence the argument so strongly put forward in this video is nil and void. Ordination is a man made concept which demonstrates that the denomination has accepted the person in a ministerial role. A calling by the way of the Holy Spirit.

I ask the quest which is glaringly clear, what do we do with a woman that has the gift of prophecy, ( E G White for instance) ministry, teaching or preaching. Do we overrule Gods calling and try to block this sister in Christ, simply because we subject 21st century western culture to the ancient examples. Some of our denominations best administrators are female. Should we undermine the denomination by stopping an administrator or minister simply because the person God chose to give such gift to is a woman. How dare we.

I accept the Biblical examples as given, but when we read the new testament texts quoted, we note that the apostle Paul was dealing with specific problems, not setting a president for all situations. Today we live in the new covenant in which in Christ (His church) we are all subject to various gifts of the Holy Spirit. Looking at our churches, it is clear that these gifts are given equally to women as they are to men. 

I do not believe that in accepting / acknowledging the woman's gift, we are acting against the word of God. Men, women, children and each individual Christian has gifts from God. It is not our place to block the work of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit is subservient to God the son and God the Father, so we are subservient to the Holy Spirit. End of.

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