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As You Think in Your Heart - Let This Mind Be In You...Series(Pt.5), with Pastor Paul Godfrey

Let This Mind Be In You... In this new series about the human condition and mind, John Thiel and Paul Godfrey expose Satan's methods to shake us from the truth. Sin has done something to our human nature and makeup.

05 - Paul Godfrey - As You Think in Your Heart

Our physiology including the organ of our mind the brain is inscribed by sin. How important is all this knowledge to us in regards to our recovery to be complete? We keep on falling and we keep on falling but praise the Lord why? If you remain on the path of Gods activity you will fall into the arms of the Lord. Here is the confirmation of this reality.

The only way in which we can gain a more perfect apprehension of truth is by keeping the heart tender and subdued by the Spirit of Christ. The soul must be cleansed from vanity and pride, and vacated of all that has held it in possession, and Christ must be enthroned within. Human science is too limited to comprehend the atonement. The plan of redemption is so far-reaching that philosophy cannot explain it. It will ever remain a mystery that the most profound reasoning cannot fathom. {DA 494.4}

Reasoning cannot fathom the realities of salvation.

The science of salvation cannot be explained; but it can be known by experience. {DA 494.4}

You can't explain it academically so how can it be known? It can be known by experience.

Only he who sees his own sinfulness can discern the preciousness of the Saviour. {DA 494.4}

Only as you see you fall and fall and see yourself in a hopeless state can you see isn't the saviour wonderful he hasn't given up on me yet. When he was hanging on the cross he was experiencing the deplorable state I was in. You can make an experience that burns into your frontal lobe. Most people don't like the burning of it because it burns out the carnal nature out of the frontal lobe. It can't be taught in any other way to show me how sinful I really am and that God hasn't forsaken me. How miserable do you feel in the secret of your heart when you discover when everything you have studied and yet you fall short of it. Praise the Lord. Only these people can understand the restoration that is going to make me complete. It can't be explained. Science can't deal with it. It is only to be known by experience it. You can only experience it as you exp your frailty.

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