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Birthday Origins: History with Scriptural References

now, i am only just sharing this video
does not mean - i am against birthdays. this is all confusing to me. i do birthdays - but just dont go making a real big deal about it. sdas also i see are so diff. some celebrate it, some not, some just a little. i dont think even Ellen WHite was against birthdays as long as we thank God. do good for others also that day... Irene Yeremenko

this was posted with video:
The Pagan Origins of Birthdays
Who doesn’t enjoy birthdays? Ok, maybe when you’re over the hill like I am, a birthday is just a reminder that you’re just older (hopefully wiser But for most younger people, a birthday is something to look forward to. It’s a happy occasion with all your friends, co-workers, relatives, and not to mention family members…all wishing you a happy birthday.
We all have them. We all celebrate them at one time or another, but the stark truth is that birthdays have dark pagan origins. The question then follows, if we as committed followers of Christ refrain from participating in anything pagan such as halloween, then shouldn’t we also refrain from celebrating birthdays?

I can hear you complaining, but Uncle Brent they’ve taken away my Easter and my Christmas celebrations, now you’re taking away my birthdays?
The fact of the matter is that as Christians we are committed to doing any and everything to please the Lord. We know how God feels about paganism. He hates it! His people, the ancient Children of Israel broke the Lord’s heart by imitating the nations around them in pagan practices.
Seventh-day Adventists are God’s chosen people today. Just like the children of Israel on the banks of the Jordan centuries ago, we also find ourselves about to enter the heavenly Canaan land. Are we going to apostatize with paganism the way they did, or are we (because we love God and are committed to being obedient to Him), put away every vestige of paganism from our lives?

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