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Christian Mingle FORCED to Accommodate HOMOSEXUALS | SIGN of the END TIME !!!

Christian Mingle FORCED to Accommodate HOMOSEXUALS | SIGN of the END TIME !!!


The website Christian Mingle has been the victim of a lawsuit by two gay men who wanted options for homosexual couples on its website. Unfortunately, a decision was granted in their favor and now Christian Mingle has to make accommodations for the LGBT community. This will inevitably decrease the quality of Christian Mingle, since it's a place where Christians go to to find partners with Christian values; and the Bible condemns homosexuality, calling it perverted and shameful.

This is also a sign of the end time. Jesus compared the days prior to His return to the days of Lot, who lived in Sodom. In Genesis 19, homosexuals attacked Lot and his house. In other words, homosexuals attacked followers of God. Today, homosexuals are attacking Christians by using the court system. They pull the discrimination card to force Christians to accommodate them. This is Satanic. Watch this video to learn more!

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