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For Those Tears I Died (Come to the Water)[Rare 1972] - Pat Boone

Pat Boone - "For Those Tears I Died" from the rare out of print 1972 LP
"Pat Boone Sings the New Songs of the Jesus People." Lyrics below.
Pat's daughters sing back-up.
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You said You'd come and share all my sorrows
You said You'd be there for all my tomorrows
I came so close to sending You away
But just like You promised You came there to stay
I just had to pray

And Jesus said, "Come to the water, stand by My side
I know you are thirsty, you won't be denied
I felt ev'ry teardrop when in darkness you cried
And I strove to remind you that for those tears I died."

Your goodness so great I can't understand
And, dear Lord, I know that all this was planned
I know that You're here now, and always will be
Your love loosed my chains and in You I'm free
But Jesus, why me?

Jesus, I give You my heart and my soul
I know that without God I'd never be whole
Savior, You opened all the right doors
And I thank You and I praise You from earth's humble shores
Take me, I'm Yours

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