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Jesus is the saviour of the world. Jesus is that best friend that everyboy needs so bad. Jesus is the creator of the heaven and earth. Jesus is our advocate if we should fall into temptation and sin. Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of the father interceding for our sins. Jesus is able to forgive us all our sins, no matter how big it was or is. Jesus is now preparing a special peculiar people to give the loud cry message to this dying world. Jesus is busy recreating Himself in those who are willing to be restored back to His likeness. Jesus is able to empower us to keep His 10 commandents on a daily basis in other words Jesus is able to keep us from sinning. And last but not least Jesus is the truth that u are seeking right now and He is the only way there is out there and He is that life that u can't imagine about. Jesus is love, period with a smile! Jesus bless u now and always!

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