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Comment by Jose C III on October 13, 2011 at 11:25am

Friend, as a Seventh-Day Adventist, I suggest you learn to become less easily offended, and more patient with what you view. Please don't assume this is some way of mine to try to target you some negative way, I'm not name calling, but the fruit you bear in your answer friend.... 


About Beethoven's music being influenced by Satan, even ending it with an exclamation point. Well, let me point our you said "most likely". What a bold statement you make, based on no concrete evidence. I have no reason to believe this to be true, and neither does the next person to read this portion of your comment. 


Why heavy metal? Think about it. If you listened to the video, it should be easy to see. Did you get to the egg example part? Heavy metal is diabolic, and so he has every reason to pin point it all day if he wanted to. Look at the rebellious spirit it has given all its listeners. 


Hip hop, rap, you're absolutely correct. While he may not talk about it in this segment, many times have I shared material that is more specific to hip hop and that culture. When you raise up that it features what you said it did, you were right. Just because its not mentioned in this segment here, does not mean its not included elsewhere friend. Jumping to conclusions is not wise. 


I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice your, even impulsive answers. Have you read Galations 5:22 and on, friend? Please check your fruit. Remember you're a child of God. Those exclamation points are not necessary. Love thy neighbor as thyself, right? Please do better than this on your next reply, if you even choose to reply again. 


Science, is not Darwinism. Science is observable, and a very useful tool friend. I have at least 2 friends who are really into science, and doubt the Bible. Guess what I can do :) Use science to show the Bible true, isn't that great? :D Now, I will be careful to say, and must point out that evolution is not science. Science turns its back on evolution many times, because evolution is nothing better than a theory which no one has witnessed on the magnitude people claim to be fact :(  Darwinism may have studied science, but he also passed on some very unscientific things :(   We can use science friend, its ok. It will never contradict the Bible and SOP, not real science :) 


But again, if you're going to understand, you're going to have to become unbiased, and have a teachable spirit. This information is being given to us at a key point in history by various SDA ministers. Thats not a coincidence, but then again.... the original Israel did not fare well with instruction either. I could wish these truths were better received, and even better, applied. 


God bless :) 

Comment by Dean Robert Willey on October 13, 2011 at 8:24am
People don't realise that Beethoven was a freemason and most likely  his music was influenced by Satan! Why does he pinpoint heavy metal! There are more drugs, violence, death (drive by killings even), debauchery and especially arrogance in Hip Hop, Rap Music and even pop music than in heavy metal. The only ppl you see at metal concerts are trekkie nerds who play D&D, collect comic books and watch stargate! This guy is so sterotyping I already cannot take him seriously. They say they use science to obtain their observations! Isn't it science who deceived the whole world with Darwinism.

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