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To Seventh-day Adventists: A Warning About False Tests

Seventh-day Adventists—unlike any other Christian Church on earth—have been called by God Himself to boldly proclaim the three angels’ messages of Revelation...

Many Adventists are being diverted from their holy mission to give the 3 angels' messages to the world by movements within our church claiming to have “new light" which becomes a "new test" for us. This new 27-min. video warns that 2520, feast-keeping, and anti-Trinity ideas are fueling intensive controversy, division, and diversion—which is exactly what the devil wants.

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Comment by Jason M. on June 15, 2017 at 4:41pm

yes the feast days are done away with. Jesus lived like a Jew and therefore observed the shadows but this is not required of Christians.This we have shown from the bible and SOP. Just another offshoot in the SDA church

Comment by Reasoning on June 15, 2017 at 3:45pm

He has two out of three right, GOD'S Holy Feast days aren't done away with. If that is taught, then it's wrong. I don't know about my burden or test, all I know about (by GOD'S Grace) is HIS Truth.
The 2520 year prophecy and its connection with 9/11 is proven to be false, and also thinking the Holy Spirit is not the 3rd Person of the GODHEAD has been proven to be false. Not the Holy Feast days of GOD though, Holy convocations are good, and Moral. Jesus observed the Holy Feast days, Luke and Paul with his converts observed the Holy set days of GOD. Jesus is our example in all things except for observing the annual Holy set days of GOD? I always hear people in the Church say, if Jesus did it, then it's ok to do. Everyone should follow that advice, you can't go wrong.

Comment by Andrew on June 3, 2017 at 10:03pm

3 Angel's messages all the way!  We have a solemn opportunity and calling.

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