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Watch This if you want to find out... Does the Bible Teach there are 3 Gods or 1 God?


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Comment by rob on August 12, 2017 at 9:35pm

This video presents the idea that there are three Gods with independent will to love and they wish...

This is not a correct understanding of Elohiym, which really means The Family of GOD whom the Father's love flows.... and suggests to me that because Love cannot originate from a single Being, that love requires more than one Being for love to be made manifest as a flow, and this love flows always from our heavenly Father... such love can flow via the Holy Spirit or the Son of GOD. But notice this makes elohiym a single family source of love...not three independent wills able to love as they wish...that sort of thinking is what pagan concepts of elohiym is, three gods loving and demanding love as they seem fit. But heavenly elohiym is different, yes there are three strong authorities as Hebrew calls these Beings, but the power flow of love flows always from the Father...thus in this sense we have one "GOD", which is as the Jews see.... this is not an attempt to make polytheism into monotheism.... there is no such thing in Scripture as the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit loving anyway they please...for Scripture always addresses the love in the singular sense, and this is correct. What we need to spend time upon is what is heavenly love like? Such love is far beyond our earthly idea of love.

Hope this helps


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