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You Can Have A Comeback | POWERFUL Testimony of God's Deliverance !!!

Mark Fox was a pastor's son and grew up in a loving Christian family. Nevertheless, he lived a rebellious life and liked to party and use drugs with his friends. After nearly dying in a motorcycle accident, almost going to jail, and having a bad experience with drugs; he gave his life to Jesus Christ and has been serving Him ever since! Mark Fox is now an international evangelist who has been preaching the gospel since 1979. Watch this video to learn more! ➨

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This, and many other DVDs are available on our 32 part series about Bible prophecy, now for only $60 (in one case/album) or $98 (for the entire set in 27 colorful DVD cases)! Shipping and handling charges apply. Call to order at 855-336-FREE.

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Comment by Jason M. on March 16, 2016 at 7:13pm

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