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What do you all say about an adventist marry to a non-adventist? Can anyone say something? is how...what is what...etc..etc.

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Conservative,liberal, all to do with name calling. You are either a SDA or non SDA
Well .... I would modify it some ....

You are either "Christian" or "Non Christian" .

In the Judgment ... God will not ask are you SDA or Non SDA ...
Ugh, conservative/liberal wars. Seriously, what's with all the "conservative-bashing"? What makes "liberals" different? They drink coffee, wear jewelry, and listen to electric guitars? What about "conservatives"? Are they the ones who don't celebrate Christmas, eat meat, or sing anything but hymns? Aren't those labels and their connotations rather superficial?And what does "Bible thumping" mean, that one likes to study his/her Bible and apply it to their lives? What does "exciting" mean, that one does whatever he/she wants?

And it's only a matter of time until the word "legalist" shows up, and then we'll be totally off topic with all the rants about "freedom in Christ" and "obedient, faithful Adventists". Because if one thinks that all jewelry is dishonoring God, theyre a legalist. If one thinks that drums are okay, he's a hopeless liberal.

"Liberals" aren't dividing the church by trying to "creep in compromises".
"Conservatives" aren't dividing the church by trying to turn us all into legalists who don't know what God's grace is.
Satan is dividing the church by making people think that issues such as music and jewelry and whatnot are worth killing each other for. And even with more important issues like marriage, I'm sure he just loves keeping people busy in semantics and arguments instead of prayerful Bible studying (or is that Bible thumping?).

Just because someone has a different view from you on a non-salvation issue does not mean that it's worth arguing over and over and over about it. Do you realize what this place could be like if all the pointless arguments were eliminated?
Good post and good points Travis. Well done. We all could learn from what you have said.
Hey ... You're Cool ...
Lord Have Mercy.
Hey Travis,

Well said.

Hey Joseph, u are too much... i had a good laugh
Yes. We do all need His mercy.
Life is a choice and God gives you the freedom of choice. Have you ever questioned why did God let King Solomon to have many wives even though it against His rules for the kings. It is because He wants to show the bad consequences of it so that we can understand. For the mix-marriage case, God has also clearly stated that we should avoid it, but again the choice is yours. Here is some logical reasons that may help you. Marriage is not just about living together for a short period of time, but forever. And when you go along the way you will find many problems that you both have to face them together. Now, if you do not have the same "faith" (opinion, mindset, point of view, etc) then a friction will begin. the more frictions you have then the more potentials for your marriage going bad. Remember that Jesus has told us about the very difficult time will come at the end of times, will your family be able to win through it by being still united ?. it is true that you being a good adventist wife will have a very understanding attitude toward your husband, but your understanding does not save him from being on his own faith, may be, just saving your marriage. Trust me that it is better you start with a little love but it grows as you live your life with your husband rather than the other way around. God bless you.
Thank you Purwa ... Well said. Thank you.
I agree freedom of choice, but the choice has to be pleasing God.

Proverbs 14:12 (New International Version)
12 There is a way that seems right to a man,
but in the end it leads to death.
Marriage is about two people becoming one. One in purpose, one in goals, one in beliefs, one as they approach God's throne together, one in the raising of their children.

Is that possible, if two people do not agree on something (religious beliefs), that determines their goals and values in every area of their life?

When I was younger, I did not really understand the full implications of the text, "Can two walk together, unless they be agreed?"

You see, if we are serious about our relationship with Christ, then our understanding of His Word determines how we make choices. What are the chances of our partner making the same choices, or agreeing with our choices, if he is not led by the same understanding of His Word, or by the commands of His Voice?

This type of union results in much more conflicts than if both were led by the same Lord, whose Word they both agree on.

I would not be honest if I did not say that you can also marry a SDA who does not hold the same beliefs and values that you do, and the marriage will also be a "Mix-marriage", with all of the challenges that a mixed marriage brings.

Look for commonalities in the ones you date, and pray, pray, pray, for God's guidance. Who you marry can determine where you spend eternity, because of the effect on you.


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