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wat do u pple tink? do u tink dat it can work?

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i like to be a realist about most things and m just going to be a realist here..... most long distance relationships DON'T WORK. key word here is MOST.... ok so that means that m not really throwing the idea out of the window... however it is wise as well not to even try it..... the best advice here must come from the only reliable help we have which is GOD..... it is important that we seek his advice on things before even atempting them .... so it is truly wise to Know God's opinion on the matter and let it settle things for you.... and further more you can also look at it this way ppl who are dating need time to personally interact with oneanother so the persons true charcacters can shine.... emails and phone calls cant replace that..........
distance is dangerous i must say... even the fone calls n chat cnt really amount to the quality tym wen one can c face to face with their loved one... uriah was busy at war wen his wyf was tkn advantage of...distance.. eve was tkn advantage of not wen adam was around but wen she thot to go by the tree herself....distance...potipha,s wyf nearly did a crazy think(thanx to young joe who ran for his life) ... all coz the husband was DISTANT

i could go on but have to reply other discussions.... even jesus.... jesus...jesus wen he was about to leave earth knew distance wud kill the relationship with the disciples... so he says if i go i,ll send a comforter

need i remind u how on the cross he saw that his mother would be lonely... so he says mum, thers yo son, son , thers yo mum

distance is dangerous
yep, i believe it works though needs a lot of trust, faithfulness and patience. i guess it is proped up by the strength of relationship i mean the time u`ve spent together and the commitment from both parties. if you had already bonded and are certain of what u want from a relationship, its easy. doesn`t matter how far apart. like in corinthians, `love is patient`. christ modelled that.
i guess when the test is great, the triumph is greater. imagine when things finally work out when u been apart fo so long and been keeping the promise. it be lovely i tell you.

only believe, all things are possible !

Having a head start in the relationship would be of good help, cuz u all have already set a foundation, and there aleady is this level of trust, that's different compared to if u just meet the person, and decide to have long distance relationship with them. Most people are like if God is in that's all u need, but God also gave us wisdom, and as i've said before, God may still direct you all unto different paths, knowing that is not part of his will for your lives. The distance thing is just not good enough, peeps
itayi.... in your case you had a headstart of smthn like 4/5 years 2getha so it suits u... manje vamwe vanototanga vatori away... hausikuona maths dzemupfana abvunza...brain dzake ndedzekuwana jaya pa internet....iwe wava kumu supporter.... anobondera
hey! hey! hey!
keep it english so we can all follow the discussion please :-)
yeah..I agree...

Thanks for speaking out Naome....
sorry guys... i was trying to express my point in a language he can understand better but i guess it was the wrong forum.... forgive me 70 * 7 tyms.... my apologies
:) u r forgiven my lil bro..
Well I speak from personal experience , because I am in a LDR now. It takes guts, it takes love. I would say count the cost before you enter into relationships least you are not able to finish what you started.
Relationships are hard work distance or no distance, and things may not always come easy. There is going to be frustration, tears and even pain ,but the rewards are worth it. LRD's can work but you have to work it. If you are not up to the challenge I say play it say and stay local.
I like this reply but lets say that I have not met a guy locally and met one on mytravels abroad and we both like each other..give me some tips to keep that relationship alive please.

This is not a relationship that was in motion and then either party moved but one where they met and started corresponding with each other and fell in love..what do you guys have to say about that....apart from nuff prayer (as bajans would say)
Well, i would really start off by teling you nuff prayer (smiles). But seriously you gotta be specific when you pray about this relationship. Detail the situation exactly how it is to God, and how you feel about that young man; cuz also keep in mind yes we might want certain things, but it's God's will for our lives. Ask God to open your eyes and to give you much wisdom as well in any decision you make in reference to that situation, as well as guarding your heart, that you don't get too excited and then to have a bit of disatisfaction later on. Also look at it in this way as well, you are growing very close to that person, but yet that person is far from you, do u think, emails, letters, phone calls, can really fill that void, compare to if you had the person's face to look on, and do fun activities together. If those feelings continue to deepen, having that person near you would be one of the main things on your mind. If you so wish i could advise you on more of a personal level. My email is


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