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wat do u pple tink? do u tink dat it can work?

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The key is communication. Again the key is communication, oh did I mention the key is communication. Any way you can communicate do so ie: email, phone, chat, e-cards ,skype, video chat.
A wise person once told me that geography is only space, but we create distance. But you have to have that face to face contact, if you have to plan for it do so. I does not have to be every month but if you can do it the I say go for it.
Also you are certain you know what you want don't let the "obstacles" deter you , seize the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity. More information does not always mean you will be able to make a better decision.

2. Periodical Visits
3. Seize opportunities

Hope this helps
Personally, i think having a long distance relationship is way too challenging and persons should try avoiding those kinda stress. A relationship requires time and with time one need to get to know the other. When the people are far apart it's going to be very hard trying to know each other especially if you all have intentions of spending the rest of your lives together. Being within reach of each other matters alot, trust me, you need to even know the scent of your partner, how they eat, their reactions to certain things, what makes them tick, what don't, their attitude around your family, the way they feel about your ambitions and your likes and dislikes, peeps when you guys are miles away how you gonna cover all that up.

Then again Soldier it only takes God, if it's meant to be; as it is said, God works in mysterious ways. But basically, relationship takes alot of hard work, whether it be courting, or even married life itself. Even as a married chick myself, i do not support no way or no how being away from my spouse, where you are that's where i'll be, if it requires changes, we will all make those changes together, praying to God that he gives us the help and guidance that we need to combat the change.

I'll try commenting some more, soon.
i personaly think it can work once there is trust and commitment and most importantly if God is involved it will work
God can be involved yes, but is that his will, and then the issue of trust and commitment, trust does not happen overnight, a foundation have to be laid, and then that trust need to be worked on.
As i said before I have friends who had this type of was hard but in the end fruitful.....

But let me tell you was expensive as well and they had already developed a realtionship before they were separated by distance and they were mature in thinking and I know for sure they relied mainly on God..I tried to talk them out of those relationships but they told me that they prayed about it.

They now have been married for over 10 yrs in one instance.

For this kind of realationship to work does take a measure of trust, responsibility, love respect and a lot of communication... (all of this has been said earliar)...but the type of trust to emphasize on after God is trust in yourself.

You must decide in your mind that this is what you want after talking to God and do what ever you have to for it to work...a lot of extra work goes into this sort of relationship.
yea a foundation have 2 be worked on but it doesn necessarily mean that the both of you have to be together for that foundation to be built
i think if you and that person is really meant to be then you guys can find a way to make it work also once you guys have faith along with god on you all side nothing can prevent you all from being together.not even distance
i agree stac...cuz God knows who He wants for ur life den distance or no distance it will work whether or not u have been 2geda b4 or jus started....
I agree with Jacquire, both parties must be very mature and must trust each other a lot
I strong believe that if two indidviduals put their minds to something that they really want to accomplish, with God as their guide, not forgeting communication between the persons, and love that they have for each other and continuous encouragment from each other... there's nothing impossible when God is in control.. and true love is tested when person's are away from each other for a while..
that's right my brother..but their's the tricky part both individuals have to put their minds to something that they really want to accomplish..and we all know that the environment has a big part in all of this
It can work but there are some things that are crucial. First thing, God must be a part of that relationship. Added to this, both parties must be committed to being faithful to God first and then to each other. And I also believe that as much as possible, the both parties should make every possible effort to find time together physically, because there is a big difference between communicating via the internet, phone letters and face to face..... if the couple can meet every now and again, it will provide form comfort and something to look forward to the next time around.


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