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wat do u pple tink? do u tink dat it can work?

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It definitely takes patience & prayers. It would be difficult. At some point the two have to come together though.
It takes alot fo work and trust but if God wants it to happen then nothing can stop it.
I totally agree, God works in marvalous ways anything is possible, like what Anitra said at some point in time the two love birds definitely meet.
i believe it can work the most important thing is Trust,communication and genuine love
I think it works tillreach the meeting moment but once together I can't see why keep distance even tough many couple keep separated by jobs abroad meeting once a year every two years. To whojustmarried or are dating is pointless keeping away but everyone is different. I just deal it this till first meeting!its me!
Also whom is long time married had a strong feeling to resist distance! But........No good to suffer like that as well!
I agree with Naomi people can present a false persona through the technology, face to face interaction matters not so sure of this, great if it does work but what about the person who pretends to be something and they not, i would imagine some people have been fooled like this

The face to face interactions will be much better to explore the true him/her. But some couples have succeeded and have kids through long distance relationship though.

Likewise here, though i was hurt but i forgive them and keep them as my good friends.

Hehehe... Good advice Gabriel. I have look in every corner of Kuwait but i have never found him lol. God works the long distance relationship through many ways.

If prayer is there and is sincere sure it happens...because God want us to be happy always as long as we trust in Him and put Him in the front line for all our future plans. He knows best.



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